Tuesday, 29 May 2012

Friday, 11 May 2012

picking the date

--so it has to be on a weekend so people can attend
--it can't be on a relatives/friends birthday
--possibly have meaning to you

how do you pick what day to get married on?

can't be too soon cause we won't have time to plan everything, (mostly come out to family and friends about it without them freaking out or judging) but he doesn't want to wait too long either...

we were on skype as per usual, started talking about when was a good time to have the shindig go down. i.. being a girl, started thinking about all the anniversary dates, (dates that had meaning to the both of us and our relationship) and being the genius i was, thought of february 10! in genius! he first tried to talk to me 3 years ago on the 10th of February, we met in person september 10 at my birthday party in 2011, and my first visit to perth was february 10!

jonno hinted that it might be a clash with valentines day, but.. valentines day is 4 days away! it won't interfere right?! plus, february 10th is a weekend, and it's during school holidays so people won't have any dramas attending!

it'll be fine!

february 10th 2013 it is then!  ^_^