Sunday, 24 November 2013


4 more new Smudged Polish shades!!!

COMING SOON to a Smudged Polish etsy shop near you!

Thursday, 21 November 2013


greeting my fellow nailers!

today i bring you swatches of Kate's awesome MckfreshNailAttire Christmas Collection! The collection comes with 5 shimmering glitter toppers all with their own beauty

first up… Twinkle Twinkle

this is two dabbed coats over Liquid Sky Lacquer Ender Men! Twinkle Twinkle has an assortment of silver and gold glitters in stars, dots, circles, hexes and squares!

Under The Christmas Tree

this shows two dabbed coats over Emily de Molly Inevitable! Under The Christmas Tree is a mix of red, green and silver glitters in bars, stars, dots, hexes and squares

Wish Upon A Star

this also shows two dabbed coats over Liquid Sky Lacquer Iris Illusions. Wish Upon A Star is a mix of purple, iridescent and silver glitters in shards, squares, dots, stars and hexes

Naughty & Nice

two dabbed coats over Ulta3 Lilac Bloom. Naughty & Nice is a mix of gold, pink. fuchsia, silver and lavender glitters in dots, stars, diamonds, hexes and squares

and last but by all means not least… Reindeer Treats!

this one is my absolute favourite next to Twinkle Twinkle. here i also have two dabbed coats over Ulta3 Hydrangea! Reindeer Treats is filled with glistening awesomeness of blue, teal, gold and green glitters in dots, squares, hexes and diamonds!

All of these beauties were very easy to apply, although some of the bigger glitters required fishing (which is normal and happens often with large glitters) it has a great formula!
They will be available for purchase November 24 so hurry in!

Monday, 18 November 2013

permanent vacation to perth...

Not much if anything has changed since i left it last.. it's summer now.. so the heat is back.. his parents are the same.. his room looks exactly the same if not a little cleaner than i remember.. and my Smudged Polish shop is finally BACK! and today i bring you sneak peeks of new Smudgedpolish !

… and this is just a small sample of what's to come!

Sunday, 17 November 2013


so.. i'm back in Perth..

guess the penis and i managed to not kill one another till my departure date!

yesterday we attended the penis's old coworkers wedding…

it was a nice small gathering of family and friends at a winery near Swan Valley

i wore the bow i got from Kim to match my outfit

and my nails…

OPI - My Vampire Is Buff . Emily De Molly - Amazonia . Essie - Set In Stone

we arrived mid ceremony and everyone was gathered around for the ceremony.. followed by the release of balloons to mark the beginning of the couples union..

after the ceremony was done the couple left to take their wedding photos around the winery and the crowd was left to food and booze!

--that awkward moment when the boy looks so much cuter making a face than you do.. hahaha

smoked salmon quiche

THIS was genius… instead of having personal gifts.. their wedding favours were printed paper bags and fruit! it was basically self serve.. --of course all the womens huddled over and took the bulk of the picks first.. i managed to grab a mango and two pomegranates in the chaos.

after a while.. we were all ushered to the restaurant where the reception was held!

--another genius.. instead of having massive flower table ornaments.. just have a far wrapped with curtain material and a few flowers!
by this time i was about 3 coronas in and working on a glass of white wine

entree was smoked chicken

main was a choice of fish or cow

unfortunately we didn't stay long enough for dessert.. but by the time main was served it was almost 10pm.. and the mosquitos were going to town on my arms and legs.. (go figure that in a room of half naked men and women that they only go after me…) so the penis and i decided to call it quits and headed home..

.. of course not before stopping my McDonalds for a sundae :)

Wednesday, 6 November 2013

return of the nailings

Salutations twiddly peeps!

it is i again.. and today i have some.. nailings for you!

yes… just casually procrastinating from studying for my final exams.. no big deal.. (i'm SO going to regret this later.. especially when i'm sitting for the exam and all i can think about is korean drama and nail polish…)

i did a similar mani before.. but it was so pretty i figured i'd reuse it just for funsies. for this mani i used Missha BE02 and KH02 for the gradient.. and Ulta3 for the leopard print.. not too shabby ey? teeheehee*

--not too too much has happened since coming back from Singapore.. more than anything it's gone back to the way it was before we left for the trip… if i'm not at uni.. i'm at home.. if i'm not watching my korean dramas i'm pretending to study.. SO BORINGGG… he's trying to play catch up with work.. and deal with some.. repositioning.. i don't know what the heck of staff.. i don't know.. it's all hebrew to me really… so by the time he gets home from work.. it's really late in Sydney and i'm getting ready for bed.. plus.. if you know me.. i'm really not a night person.. by 7pm i start winding down and getting ready for bed mode... but in the morning.. i'm high as a kite! 
--which leads me to my next train of thought.. he's a night person.. he's all grumpy and awful looking in the morning and doesn't fully wake up till mid afternoon to get excitable.. whereas i'm already on my way to gloomville… this is going to be an interesting journey moving in with him…
all the other times when i was in Perth.. i'd literally wake up around 9am and lay in bed waiting for him to fidget so i can pounce on him to wake up so we can have shenanigans… i spy more head butting..

oh.. did i mention?! i'm finally reunited with my pear!

the not so cool news.. i didn't get my proper proposal ==" *shakes fist*
guess the one i had is going to be the one that sticks.. i mean.. it's memorable.. very memorable actually *snickers* … but so not PG13 teeheehee* (gawd.. what am i going to tell people when they ask)

well.. back to my kdrama! … i mean.. studying.. heh he he he

Sunday, 3 November 2013

Singapore day four

Sunday 20th October 2013

today we started the drive down to Kuala Lumpur with Shaun and Linda!

we made a pit stop in Johor Baru for breakfast..

fried Kuay Tiew

Hokkien Mee

next stop on the way to Kuala Lumpur.. Melecca

when in Melecca… must Laksa.. all the Laksa…

and iced Chendol too while you're at it!

absolutely delicious. and all for 25MYR which is about $8AUD!

after eating we roamed around the markets to see if there was anything worth buying..

… only in asia do you see Dim Sum being sold on the side of the streets like this..

there were so many abandoned cats here.. it made me so sad.. knowing they live on the streets with no homes to go to.. (i can't wait to have my own kitty.. only a matter of days now.. --assuming the penis and i don't kill one another before i move over)

for dinner we tried the famous Chicken and rice balls!

it wasn't bad.. but it wasn't epic either.. but for 15MYR who could complain?

after dinner it was back into the car for the last stretch to Kuala Lumpur!

reminds me very much of the Two Twin Towers in New York..

we stayed with the penis' cousin for the night.. absolutely fried from walking in the heat and all that drivinggg… shopping tomorrow!

Saturday, 2 November 2013

Singapore day three

Saturday 19th October 2013

today is the day of the wedding.. we didn't get home till 3am this morning..
and in all honesty it wasn't like we partied like animals.. we went to a bar which had live music.. had 2 beers.. then roamed around to look for a sisha bar.. but they had a massive wait time so we headed to a shots bar to wait.. needless to say.. i woke up with a raging headache like a noob.. but we reluctantly woke up and got ready for the wedding…

once again i had my own prejudices towards the reception area having been told it was at a carpark… but it was surprisingly beautiful! the pillars were wrapped in white material, flowers and an assortment of blue ribbons. absolutely beautiful. it makes you feel like you're really at a fancy function hall.. assuming you don't look outside of the carpark and see an array of parked cars around you underneath an apartment complex.

the food line was epic.. of course.. curry was available in the form of chicken mutton and beef with rice

i don't know what the pickled vegetables were but they were sooo delicious. a little on the spicy side.. but just what i love about it.

an array of desserts including mini cupcakes and malaysian sweets!

we didn't stay at for wedding very long.. mostly because it was so damn hot (surprise surprise) and not much to do.. for the most part.. friends and family just came to wish the wedded couple their good wishes give gifts.. eat and leave..
so the penis and i headed back to the hotel for a quick nap and headed for Bugis Mall and the markets across the road!

we managed to walk our way over to china town and found...

$3 soy chicken and rice.. seriously?! seriously… absolutely delicious.
i even found $1 tofu pudding.. it doesn't sound delicious but it's so delicious. it's my most favourite asian dessert.. (what i always drag the penis to take me to buy when we go to Taro Taro in Victoria Park whenever i'm in Perth) it was so good i literally inhaled it and didn't get to take a picture. it's sweet.. but not too sweet.. just the perfect amount of sweet and the tofu was soft and velvety just disintegrates on your tongue.. gah.. i'm drooling right now as i type this thinking about it…

the penis saw a fish spa while we were roaming around and i just HAD to try it!

the guy that worked there rinsed our feet first.. and as he saw the penis.. he asked him where he was from…

penis: "where do you think i'm from"
guy: "australia"
penis and i: "oh!"
penis: "how do you know?"
guy: "the way you dress.."
penis: "what about her" (pointing at me)
guy: "Singapore"
me: (shakes head)
guy: "Hong Kong then!"
me: "what! i seriously look that fobby?!"
(everyone giggles)
guy: "american.."

hahahahaha soon as i open my mouth they knows..

the guy had to help me put my legs in and hold my knees down.. my legs were absolutely convulsing, it tickled so much! i couldn't look at the fish otherwise i knew i'd pull my feet out.. it was such an awkward feeling.. it's basically toothless fish that nibble on your dead skin. so after about 15 minutes of squealing like a pig it was over.. and i must say.. my feet did feel a lot smoother and soft!

it wasn't long before his friends left the wedding too after their "flower boy" duties to meet up with us for dinner.

our first stop was The Long bar to try the famous Singapore Sling

to be honest.. we only went for the sake of saying we went.. the cocktail is nice but severely over priced.. you'd go broke before you got tipsy.. it's very touristy and the place is scattered with peanut shells.. i guess that's what makes it "special"... i found them to be a slipping hazard..
so after we had ingested our overly priced cocktails.. we headed over to East Coast Park for some SINGAPORE CRABS! (the food.. not so much actual genital crabs…but i think there's a place for that.. Geylang)

after we've had our fill of crabs (chuckles*) the penis and i decided to disperse from the group and head back to the hotel while the rest went to the Sky Bar in marina Bay (penis didn't want to go.. said all clubs are the same.. i.. would usually argue.. but i was still quite hungover from the night before hahaha) plus.. we were heading to Kuala Lumpur the next morning!

Friday, 1 November 2013

Singapore day two

Friday 18th October 2013

for the next few days the penis and i stayed in Singapore till Sunday for the wedding…
we decided to roam Orchard Rd for some hopeful shopping… and to send off my international Sumdged Polish orders!!!

look at them all! off to their.. America and Europe homes! (thankfully all orders have been delivered to their homes and within 2 weeks too!)

we only managed to walk a small fraction of Orchard Rd before getting hungry.. and somehow managed to get dropped off at the expensive side of Orchard Rd.. meaning.. there were nothing but designer labels and brands for about 2 miles.. =="

the penis suggested we stop at Old Town for a quick breakfast.. mostly because we weren't near any hawker stores and there wasn't much of a selection around us..

once again.. Kaya Toast and Kopi Te.. for a place that supposed to be famous for their breads.. i have to say i was quite disappointed in my toast.. it just didn't have the same taste as when i tried it in JB.. it was dry even with all the butter they shoved into the toast and just.. it was a huge let down.. but hey.. $1.50 SIG drink and toast if you order a main.. can't really complain much right? except i can because i could get the same thing in JB for 3MYR which converts to be a third of the price and tastes sooo much better.

for my main i chose Nasi Lemak. thank goodness that was much tastier.

we spent the rest of the day roaming some plazas on Orchard Rd.. we both managed to pick up a pair of sunglasses each at one of the stores there and some souvenirs.. but eventually decided to give up and try a department store instead because everything else was just so expensive!

so the penis and i got into a cab.. and some how ended up in Little India! (mind you before going on this trip i told myself i was going to avoid this place like the plague.. mostly because i'm not a fan of curry and being the ignorant little prick that i am had my own prejudices towards the place. but it actually wasn't bad at all!) we spent about an hour or so just roaming around and looking at the markets there.. i couldn't find anything to buy.. there was a lot of cute random things.. but nothing that jumped at me.. other than their national clothing.. which were a steal for $20-35 SIG compared to the ones they sell here for over $200 AUD! but.. realistically.. when would i ever be able to wear it.. short of halloween… =="
as usual the heat was suffocating and i was covered in sweat.. and once again we set out for foods.
we found a strip of hawker stores and literally just eenie meenie minee mo and chose one with an A or B letter grade (in Singapore.. the food stores there are audited for cleanliness and given a letter grade which is posted at the front of each shop.. bizarre i know.. but awesome for customers because you know which stores you should and shouldn't eat at if you're concerned about food poisoning) 

i had Chicken Briyani and for a sweet snack…

freshly made roti! and all of this was $5 SIG!!! glorious.

so after sweating my brains out walking around Little India in the intense humidity and heat.. we headed back to the hotel where we met up with the penis' friends who also came to attend the wedding and had.. an interesting drunken night of shenanigans in Clark Quay.. completely disregarding that the fact that wedding ceremony was at 1030am the next day...