Monday, 30 December 2013

outing with the two brothers

today was an interesting venture.. i spent the day with the penis' brother.. and we went.. SHOPPING..!

for exposure and marketing purposes i wore Smudged Polish - Pituitary Pink =P

we had lunch at Aisuru Sushi in Northbridge.

the sushi was pretty average.. but the salad was amazing.
i'm not very sure i'd go back.. maybe just with the penis so that he can try it too.. but the food overall was pretty average.. and with the price.. it's not a place i'd always go to.

we spent the rest of the day roaming the city looking for work clothes for him until we met up with the penis after he got out of work where we proceeded to roam all the beauty stores in search for.. free samples

hahhahahahaa. it was a pretty fun day. i was kind of surprised he had asked me to go shopping with him and it was just really fun to be able to hang out with all the kids.. especially seeing as the penis and his brother don't ever really do anything together.

i'm pretty stoked with my Lemony Flutter buy though, it's my go to hand and cuticle care for in-between and before manis. the other tubs i managed to get samples of is a body conditioner, clarifying shampoo for blond hair (--no i'm not blond.. i just had light brown highlights that have now turned yellow *sighs*) and hair moisturiser which i'm all very keen to try very soon!

as for all the Aesop samples.. to be honest.. i just got it for the sake of being able to get them.. hahaha the penis' brother came home one day sharing his amazing find.. and they gave him a whole bag of samples to try out.. we only went with him again this time to see if we could get any also. i must say though.. their customer service is impeccable. the lady that served us wasn't pushy and so very helpful, she was very delightful and friendly, so i'll probably give it a try to see what's it's like on my skin so i can go back just to see her!

Wednesday, 25 December 2013

Merry Christmas!

Wishing everyone a happy and safe christmas filled with lots of love and happiness!

Sunday, 22 December 2013

here kitty kitty...

today we went to visit a kitten i found on a cat adoption website and i wanted to DIE.

we originally came for Romeo.. and i ended up falling in love with his brother Blue.. but he was already promised to another family.. and now.. INDIE.. is in the application process!

i fell in love with grey cats after seeing a few friends of mine own Grey British Short hairs.. but.. i didn't want to buy a cat from a pet store when so many needed homes.. i thought it would have been impossible to find.. yet low and behold… this fuzz ball showed up!

to be fair.. it was her brother Blue that i fell in love with first.. soon as i walked into the room where they were being kept.. he came up and snuggled with me and kept wanting to play with me.. Indie actually approached the penis first when we came to visit. either way.. it ended up Romeo didn't warm up to us at all.. and Blue was already promised to another family.. so now we're in the process of taking Indie home.. (i say in the process because his mother doesn't want a pet.. and the house isn't ready for us to move into yet.. so we can't keep her till we've finished the house.. or at least.. get to to a liveable condition)

she has an adorable shy charm to her which makes her so easily loveable.. and look at her white feet! adorable. absolutely head exploding adorable.

now it's just a matter of getting my junk ass house ready.. *sighs*

Saturday, 21 December 2013

watching paint dry

spent the day painting the house today.. and back to the depressing pool…

i'm wearing.. China Glaze - Glistening Snow and Essie - Set In Stone

… just looking at it is already a sight to make sore eyes… so far we've managed to finish second coating all of the rooms kitchen and living.. now we still have… the ceilings.. trimmings.. flooring.. electrician.. plumbing.. and that forsaken pool =="

for lunch we had Kolo Mee at Kitchen Inn Cafe

a very decent feed for just $8! so incredibly bad for you.. but absolutely delicious.

hopefully the house will be done soon so we can move in and get my kitty… seems so close yet to far away…

Thursday, 19 December 2013

Late night shopping

Late night shopping night!!!

i'm wearing Femme Fatale Cosmetics Gilded Rose

still some last minute shopping for Christmas presents.. seems like everyone and their moms are thinking the same thing too because the malls were packed with people frantically looking for gift ideas. thank goodness i did the bulk of my Christmas gifts weeks before.. but the penis wanted to grab two helicopters for his dad so.. that was why we ventured to the mall.

hope you guys are having much more luck than i am and have already finished your christmas shopping!

Tuesday, 17 December 2013


yep.. i finally succumbed and make a Facebook page for Smudged!

for this mani i used Ulta3 - Brandy Wine. Essie - Set In Stones. China Glaze - Glistening Snow and some studs i got from BornPrettyStore

Monday, 16 December 2013












All available now from my etsy store !

Swatches done by the most lovely Belinda

Sunday, 15 December 2013

the return of SMUDGED!

YES. YOU SEE CORRECTLY! for the return of SMUDGED i'm having a sale! 

use code: SMUDGEDRETURNS20 for 20% off all orders over $30 on all orders! (shipping not included)
code valid till January 1st!

Thursday, 12 December 2013

finally caught the fire!!!

i finally got to watch Catching Fire today with the penis.. and it was awesome!

for anyone whose never been to or doesn't know what Gold Class is… it's basically a cinema of about 20 seats or so.. and all the seats are like lazy boy seats.. and you get to order food and drinks at the bar and have it delivered to you during the movie.. absolutely epic. no screaming children.. no obnoxious loud mouth talkers.. just a pillow seat and munchies while you eye candy is being projected onto the big screen!

followed by more house renovations… i feel like we've been painting for weeks yet no progress is made.. on top of the fact that the pool pump has broken down AGAIN.. and this whole week has been in the 40s.. HOW DO YOU EXPECT ME TO WORK IN THESE CONDITIONS?!

Monday, 2 December 2013


we spent this weekend at Stereosonic in Claremont Showgrounds!!!

it was so great.. i can't believe i told the penis that we didn't have to go next year if it was too expensive! (this year it was $220 because it was for two days)

needless to say.. Above & Beyond was the absolute best set.

what else can i say? it's the same all around.. girls in tight short shorts with half their butt cheeks hanging out and obscenely fake orange tans.. boys oiled up and shirtless to show off their tribal tattoos that have no meaning.. overly priced watered down alcohol and beating music!

close up of my mani..

--not really sure why i didn't wear my Sun and Moon.. but i wore new Smudged Polish, Emily De Molly Amazonia and Inevitable, Essie Set In Stone