Friday, 30 August 2013


so.. i totally skipped uni today to food with my parents in the city..

(in my defence.. it was for fathers day... hahahahhaa)

we had Kari Kambing, Kari Ayamm, Mee Goreng, Roti Kaya and...

chicken satay sticks!

my parents of course had a cry about how expensive it was.. being from Western Sydney they're used to massive $8 meals but compared to typical city foods.. BUT this place was the beast for taste and price!

we trekked it up to Town Hall where my dad wanted to visit the Daiso store.. to his dismay.. the place was closed for stocktake hahahhahaha.. just his luck! but no fear.. my mother went crazy in the Korean supermarket.. she bought jars of bulgogi marinade and seasoned seaweed.. and get this.. 1kg of kimchi! (my aspirations to becoming a korean is getting closer! hahaha i can smells it!)

all in all it was a really fun day for me. it was nice being able to do some shenanigans with my parents.. my mom and i do it a lot more often than i do with my dad so it was a nice change for him to finally leave the house!

oh.. and before i forget.. my notd for shenanigans with my parents..

none other than the awesome Emily de Molly Cosmic Forces!

weekend is nearly here! i hope everyone has an awesome and safe weekend and wish all your fathers a very Happy Father's Day for sunday!

Thursday, 29 August 2013



one of the things that dread the most about uni other than.. uni itself is group work.. yes yes yes. i know that to be a psychiatrist i have to be able to interact with people in order to help them.. but seriously.. there are just some people that you're just not going to be able to get along with.. luckily this time round i'm not the one who can't get along with someone.. there are 3 females and 2 males in the group.. the two females absolutely cannot agree on anything.. when one suggests an idea.. the other completely shuts her down or vice versa.

we were scheduled to meet after class today.. but because my tutorial let out early.. i decided to get sone sort of sugar in my system to get me through what was about to come next..

i got a tall extra caramel half shot extra syrup macchiato.. seemed like an awesome idea at the time till about half way through the cup where my hands were shaking.. hahahahaha! mind you.. i haven't had coffee in years.. so my body isn't used to caffeine.. if i drink strong tea at night.. i can't sleep.. so i really don't know why i thought it was a good idea to get a coffee =="

we met up at Chanoma Cafe on George St.. one of the guys suggested it hoping that in a more.. relaxed atmosphere with food and coffee that these two would be able to at the least be civil towards one another... this only lasted for the duration of the food eating.. hahahaha

they also had delicious looking green tea matcha frappes.. but i didn't get to take a snap of them before the women devoured it.. i ordered a spicy meat lovers hotdog and chili and garlic fries and they were delicious!

after about 2 hours we managed to come to a consensus and decided to call it a day. i just hope those two tolerate each other long enough for the presentation.. i wonder whether or not they're going to fight over who saids what during the presentation..?

--who am i kidding.. of course they are!

Wednesday, 28 August 2013

freebie day.. yet.. not free to do anything

lazy wednesday..

some nailart that seemed like a good idea at the time...

for this mani i used Miss Ashleigh's The Devil Wears Nada.. printed on some newspaper exerts by dipping my finger in alcohol then placing a square of newspaper on top then slapped on some vintage roses that looked much better in my head than painted on my nail.. i think i should look into getting some acrylic paint?!

not much to report about... have a few papers due next week.. absolutely procrastinating to do them as per usual.. maybe i'll go listen to some kpop to get me pumping!

Tuesday, 27 August 2013

YOU'RE FAMOUS! sort of...

so.. a few weeks back i was contacted by an editor from a magazine called Tosser who somehow found me through my instagram and was interested in interviewing me and my polish!

this happened to me today...


to read the full interview.. click here!

--not much else has happened to me lately.. i'm just trying to stay afloat on all of my uni assignments.. nailings here and there whenever i have time..
the penis and i haven't hung out much these past few weeks.. with his work and spending weekends at the new house trying to renovate it.. we only speak for about an hour or so a day.. so i guess i'm looking forward to this SG trip... but still of course very nervous about it.. but i'll have to get over it at some point right?

now.. back to uni rape T.T

Sunday, 25 August 2013


Sunday funday...!

so.. the other half is home today for once.. instead of back at the new place doing renovations.. BUT.. he spent the entire morning sleeping in.. so what did i do...?!


this one is Glam Polish Lucky. 3 dabbed coats with a Sinful Colors Unicorn. Orange Cream and Sweet Nothing gradient topped off with Miss Ashleigh Matte Hatter

Glam Polish Bee Do Bee Do. ONE dabbed coat over Ulta3 Black Satin and Sinful Colors Unicorn and Sugar Rush gradient

Glam Polish Angry Birds In Space. 3 dabbed coats with a Sinful Colors Cotton Candy. Sweet Nothing and Sugar Rush gradient topped off with Miss Ashleigh Matte Hatter

Glam Polish I.Q. 3 dabbed coats with an Elainto Dream Purple, Sinful Colors Sweet Tooth and Candy Coated gradient topped off with none other than Smudged Alone Tonight!

and last but by all means not least...

Glam Polish Matilda. ONE dabbed coat over Ulta3 Black Satin and a Sinful Colors Cotton Candy and Sugar n' Spice gradient topped off with Smudged Alone Tonight!

seriously.. i have a new found respect for the nail ladies who swatch polishes.. it is by all means NOT easy.. these 5 swatches literally took me the whole of sunday to do! luckily it was such a beautiful day out.. and i sat in the backyard pumping kpop while doing these swatches.. but they took a good 6 hours to do. on top of the fact that i took countless pictures of each mani and they all still came out only mediocre.. they're much prettier in real life and i just wish there was a way that i could capture it.

ok. this is the asian signing out now.. going to perv on some korean pop boys before passing out for uni tomorrow! hope everyone had a fantastical weekend!

Saturday, 24 August 2013


so.. it's saturday today.. and i spent the entire day doing nothing but Glam Polish swatches! these beauties were sent to me by one of my nail besties Belinda

This bad boy is 2 dabbed coats of Starstruck topped off with Miss Ashleigh!

This one is 3 dabbed coats of Moon Rocks topped off with Miss Ashleigh Matte Hatter

This would have to be my favorite of the three... Mars Attacks 3 dabbed coats topped off with Miss Ashleigh Matte Hatter

i was going to do more but my back started to ache.. so i went back to watching Love Rain again for like the hundredth time hahaha.. yes i am totally compensating for my nonexistent romantic love life at the moment...

Wednesday, 21 August 2013


today i have another Aussie Indie to share with you...!

this party on my nails is Glam Polish Blibber Blubber! 2 dabbed coats with seche vite!

and this is the same Glam Polish 2 dabbed coats topped off with Miss Ashleigh Matte Hatter!

Blibber Blubber is a creamy white filled with neon glitters from butterflies to different sized hexes, squares and star glitters! For the most part i didn't have to fish for the bigger glitters unless i wanted to pack it on... and being the glitter hoarder that i am.. was the only reason why i used 2 dabbed coats... but otherwise you don't really need to go fishing for this bad boy!

--must go get another refil of acetone.. i go through them like water =="

Friday, 16 August 2013


so.. through my.. Aussie Nails enablers... i was informed that Maybelline had a 40% off sale at Priceline.. and i of course just had to scout it out!!!


this was my damage.. i'm very selective of my makeup so.. there are only a few brands that i actually use.. but when it comes to lip balm.. i'm an excessive hoarder.. and if i can get them for a steal at $2 AUD.. you bet your bottom dollar that i'd grab as many as i could.. these were the only colors left.. i was lucky to stumble upon the blue one.. the only colorless one that was available was orange flavored.. and i hate anything that's orange flavored that's not an orange or orange juice.. (i know.. i'm weird.. it's the same with bananas.. i absolutely refuse to eat anything banana related with the exception of banana bread.. i freaking love that stuff) back to the lip balm hoarding.. i don't even know how many lip balms i own.. and how many are still unopened.. i know.. it's horrible.. they're my vice.. next to nail polish.. but i've been very good with that now that the other half has a mortgage and i have my own line to have to keep afloat...
anywho.. i'm very excited to have these in my grasp.. i've heard excellent reviews on them and i'm so keen to try them.. maybe if i'm lucky i'll check the place out again on monday to see if there's anything left..

my first victim.. Rose Addict.. will post review and thoughts soon!

hope everyone has a great weekend!

Thursday, 15 August 2013


Hellooo my nailings!

today i bring you a small swatch of Smudged Polish Sun In Your Eyes from my Above & Beyond collection and some more gradients!

for this mani i used Sinful Colors Unicorn, Sweet Nothing and Sugar Rush topped off with Smudged Polish Alone Tonight (once again i had to physically unfish the holo crescent moons and stars) for the gradient and for the accent nail i used 3 coats of Smudged Polish Sun In Your Eyes.

this is the same mani in direct sunlight with all its glittering glory..

swatch of Smudged Polish Sun In Your Eyes 2 coats with top coat.

i think i'm getting back into the knack of nailart again.. i've been neglecting it ever since i started making my own line but now that I've stopped while i'm in uni and all my tools are back in Perth.. its allowed me to spend whatever time i have left... to do more nail shenanigans.

the other half is spending weekends fixing up the house nowadays.. so i spend most of my weekends doing my uni work and or groceries with my parents...

only a little over 2 months left till SG..! *nervous*

Wednesday, 14 August 2013



Wednesdays are the new fun days! well.. it is for me at least.. or.. it'll be fun up until i'm swimming in assignments and i have to use the freebie day to catch up on those assignments.

My dad and uncle and i went to a car auction yesterday and it was so much fun. i was the only female there.. (not like there was any eye candy to look at anyway.. they were either old.. or hairy or just.. there wasn't anything worth swooning over) unfortunately we weren't able to find a car we like.. we placed a few bids on 3 cars.. but to no avail.. i think we're going to go again next week.. hopefully we'll be able to find something we like! but more so... it felt good to do something with my dad. it been years since we hung out together.. and it was really nice.

anywho.. i am very excited to show you todays mani. dun dun dun*

i'm back baby! finally got back into my nailart groove! for this mani i used Sinful Colors Sweet Tooth, Candy Coated and Sugar Rush topped off with Smudged Polish Alone Tonight. I had to physically unfish the holo stars and crescent moons hahaha!

and just for funsies i added a leopard print accent! I used Sinful Colors Unicorn and Sweet Nothing for the leopard print. i have to say.. i'm quite proud of these suckers if i do say so myself.. its been so long since i did any legit nailart. i kind of gave up after i started my own polish line.. but now that i'm not creating any new colors till i go back in november.. it's all sails ahead for nail art!

oh oh.. and with my obsession over everything korean lately.. i made kimchi bokumbap!!!

kimchi bokumbap is just kimchi korean fried rice. but absolutely delicious. after i saw it on Coffee Prince i just had to try and make it.

well i'm out of rants today.. going to pretend to study and sneak in some kdramas!

Tuesday, 13 August 2013

monday blues

where did the weekend go?!

awful day at uni today.. long and exhausting.. had a pounding headache all morning.. really need to start sleeping early on uni days.. this sleeping late and waking up at the butt crack of dawn is really starting to catch up to me.. NO MORE BEAUTIFUL KOREAN SKIN!!! T.T
speaking of korean skin i've used the AQUA mask filler face mask twice now.. and i have to say i am loving it! I cleanse my face with Sukin cream cleanser first, followed by an oatmeal scrub, then i spray my face with my Sukin hydrating toner.. slap on the serum that comes with the mask all over my face then place the mask on my skin for 20 minutes. after 20 minutes i remove the paper mask and leave the residue to soak into my skin and it feels absolutely amazing!!!

i picked up some missha face masks yesterday when i was out.. and tried the honey one... not very pleased. for one.... when i pulled the paper mask out of the packaging... it didn't feel very wet so i wondered how hydrating it could have been.. did my whole cleansing routine and slapped the mask on.. my skin didn't look or feel any different.. if anything i had to put moisturiser on afterwards, and the packaging saids to pat face so that the residue can soak into your skin.. but there was nothing there to pat down.. needless to say i won't be buying more.. even though i was a hoarder and bought 5 =="

today i have a swatch of Femme Fatale Cosmetics Pools Of Vision topped off with Smudged Polishes Alone Tonight!

it has a beautiful light blue almost grey base filled with blue, neon green, and white hex, and dot glitters. oh.. and did i mention it's GLOW IN THE DARK?! yes it does! i wish i could get a picture to show you.. but my camera is awful at capturing it and i don't have a black light either.. but take my word for it.. the glow is amazing! though.. very distracting to sleep with at night hahaha. and i used one coat of Alone Tonight placing the holographic stars and moon crescents on the nail to add some more sparkly :D

macro shot of Smudged Polish Alone Tonight

after uni i grabbed a frozen yogurt as a small treat after such a bullshit day.

what are those balls you ask? well.. i don't know the technical term for them but they're called strawberry and lychee balls. and when you bite into them, you get an explosion of flavored syrup! they're pretty addictive and delicious. though probably wasn't a good idea cause the weather suddenly changed and it got so cold and windy towards the end of the day i thought my teeth were going to fall out because they were chattering so much from the cold!

(warning.. DMT POST)

its been two weeks since i've been back in Sydney.. and i'm already feeling the withdrawals.. how am i gong to survive the next 3 months?! to think that we've been in a long distance for 2 years now that it'd get easier.. yeah.. not so much..
on top of the fact that it just occurred to me that i'll be 25 in a month! where has all the time gone?! i'm going to have to start telling people i'm in my mid 20s!!! ugh... going to tell myself that it means i'm only one year away from getting cheaper car insurance... *sighs*

Saturday, 10 August 2013



Today is going to be a.. shenanigans post!
What do you mean shenanigans post? Well.. it'll be a little polish related i promise, but also about some new products that i've been using and random things that i've been up to. So.. let's begin...!

A couple weeks ago before i started my nailventure i got into korean dramas.. and i shamelessly admit i am so not over them! Before i left perth i had my other half download Love Rain for me because the website that i used to stream korean dramas from shut down.. yes i was quite devastated and seriously.. i've watched this series over 14 times easily! It's absolutely adorable! It's set in the seventies and the present day, telling a heartrending love story over two generations.

It's love at first sight when Seo In-ha (Jang Keun-suk) and Kim Yoon-hee (Im Yoona) meet as shy university students in the seventies. It takes time for the hesitant pair to finally voice their feelings, but circumstances beyond their control send them down different paths. In 2012, In-ha (Jung Jin-young) is now unhappily married to Baek Hye-jung, one of Yoon-hee's former best friends. He has never gotten over his first love, and when he runs into Yoon-hee (Lee Mi-sook) after so many years, the two reconcile and look forward to making up for lost time.
In-ha's son Seo Joon (Jang Keun-suk) is a photographer, and he bumps into Yoon-hee's daughter Jung Ha-na (Im Yoona) by chance. Unlike her mother, Ha-na is a cheerful and vivacious girl, and though they initially find each other troublesome, even as they argue, they can't help but be drawn to each other. Gradually their feelings develop, and Joon and Ha-na fall in love.
Unaware that their children are dating each other, In-ha and Yoon-hee announce that they are getting married, which will make Joon and Ha-na step-siblings. As both couples deal with the shock, Joon and Ha-na struggle with sacrificing their love for their parents' long-aborted happiness.

Seriously, if you haven't seen it, get to your nearest computer and download it! Especially if you're into korean dramas and you for some reason haven't seen this yet!

In midst of my korean obsession i've researched their beauty secrets! It's obscene what flawless skin they have! It's so clear and smoothe! 
Of course they have a whole routine and list of products that they used but one thing i found interesting was the paper face masks that they use, so i thought i'd give it a go!

I saw this in a korean beauty store in Town Hall and thought I'd try it. I have very dry and sensitive skin so i opted for something hydrating. This bad boy was not cheap. for $6 AUD you get the one mask and it comes with a serum that you apply after cleansing and before you put the mask on. The application was really easy and it felt really soothing to the skin.. i'll keep at it for a few more weeks before deciding how much i like it.

Now to the polish related part..!

TAADAA* Smudged polish's TURDLINGS! 3 thin coats with a matte top coat! I know i had a swatch of these quite recently, but i loved it so much i just wanted to wear it again. Hopefully they'll last me for the next few days.. i have a handful of assignments coming up and due in the next few weeks so i hope to find time to polish. 

Oh.. so we finally booked my Singapore flight! I leave October 17th and come back the 24th. Still a little.. nervous about the whole trip and still worrying about having a mental breakdown when i get there, but i can do this! Good memories! New memories! *fighting!* 

Thursday, 8 August 2013


Today i bring you swatches of Smudged polish PASTEL GALAXY!

Pastel Galaxy is a soft cream shimmer jelly with pastel stars and hearts and glitter shards

macro shot of Pastel Galaxy

3 thin coats with a top coat

1 coat over a pastel gradient

--cold and rainy day here in Sydney today. it's going to be a short post tonight.. and 120 pear day challenge was broken yesterday. needless to be surprised that we will continue to get on like fire... i'm on 3 hours of sleep and i look like death. hope everyone has a nice thursday night xoxo

Wednesday, 7 August 2013


Swatch of Black Room Boy from my Above & Beyond inspired collection!

macro shot of Black Room Boy

this is 2 coats with top coat.

Black Room Boy has a black jelly base filled with fine holographic glitters, teal, purple, blue and green hex, square and dot glitters. Believe me when i say it looks much prettier in real life, i just wish i could capture it better.

--another long day of uni.. more assignments, more readings even less time to do them.. had lunch by my lonesome today at Arisun

this bowl of deliciousness is called Jjajjungmyun which is Black Bean noodles. For any of you korean drama enthusiasts.. this was what Go Eun-Chan was eating when she had the competition with Hwang Min-Yeop in Coffee Prince Shop! after watching that episode i was on a mission to find a korean restaurant in the city that served jjajjungmyun. AND I'VE FINALLY FOUND IT! It was absolutely delicious especially with a side of spicy kimchi washed down with hot green tea! Love a good feed after a shitty day.

Tuesday, 6 August 2013


Annyeonghaseyo! (that's hello in korean.. in light of my new obsession with everything korean)

I hope everyone had a nice and safe weekend! 

Today i bring you swatches of Smudged Polish Sun and Moon from my Above & Beyond inspired collection!

macro shot of Sun and Moon

2 dabbed coats of Sun and Moon in Sunlight

Swatched by the most excellent Tammy this is 3 coats with top coat in artificial lighting :)

Sun and Moon is a navy blue jelly with green dot glitters, iridescent shards, fine holographic glitters, and holographic stars and large dot glitters. 
Opacity can be reached with 2 coats but might need a little fishing for the larger glitters.

Sun and Moon can be found at my etsy store for purchase!
International shipping pending.. but stay in tune for shipping come october!

Monday, 5 August 2013


DAY 8:

playing nice at work pear xD

--and look! you can see Mystic in the background!

Sunday, 4 August 2013


DAY: 7

date night pear x3


Happy Sunday everyone!

Today i have swatches of Mystic to show you!

a macro snap of Mystic

2 thick coats with top coat in artificial lighting

3 thin coats in sunlight with top coat

Mystic is a deep emerald jelly filled with gold, purple, teal and aqua hex, circle and square glitters.

Available for purchase from my etsy store :)

International shipping pending... but look out for some updates come october..!

Last day of supposed free balling before i'm back to uni again.. they call it the weekend.. but you spend it catching up on uni work anyway... blah. The other half is at the new house continuing with the renovations again. i think he managed to remove the awful pink wallpaper from the walk in wardrobe in the master bedroom.. but the wallpaper in the study room is proving to be a little more difficult. then... it'll be time for painting! i'm most excited about the walls.. we managed to go together to pick out some colors before i left.. so i decided on an off white almost cream color for the walls. very excited.
while i was there. we joked about what rooms we called dibs on and where we would have the furniture.. i joked about having my polish room painted cake batter.. hahahhaa kind of like turdlings except.. covering all the walls! HOARD ALL THE GLITTER!

well.. it's back to my readings for me and get started on my second essay.. i hope everyone has an awesome and safe weekend!

Saturday, 3 August 2013


DAY 6:

pussy party pear xD

--story behind this was...i ordered these phone dust plug cats online a month ago.. and i was hoping i'd receive them before i left.. well.. look who decides to show up a week after i leave... =="


Greetings my dearest bloggers!

Today i have a swatch of my Smudged Polish Turdlings to share with you!

macro shot of Turdlings

Turdlings is an off white cream jelly with matte rainbow glitters in different shapes including squares, dots and hexes.

3 coats with top coat in artificial lighting

3 coats with top coat in sunlight

Look can be achieved in 2-3 coats depending on application and how much glitter you want to hoard.

Available for purchase from my etsy store :)

International shipping pending...