Thursday, 29 November 2012

Wednesday, 28 November 2012

one of the best care packages ever

guess what finally came in the mail today!

i'm so excited to try them i'm squealing like a little girl!

they're almost impossible to find in Australia.. hell.. a lot of things are impossible to find in Australia.. and if you do find them.. they're so incredibly expensive because everything that steps foot in this god damn country is so heavily taxed. so when i saw them on sale on CatchOfTheDay i went bat shit crazy.. and i was even luckier that the boy got them for me.. *muahahahaha* power of additional card holder :D

AND on an almost even better note... i finally have a job!!!
i go in next tuesday for initiation.. so i'm very excited i can finally make some monies to feed this nail addiction ^_^

Monday, 26 November 2012

Stereosonic Perth 2012

it was an awesome day listening to Tiesto, Avicii, Calvin Harris, Example and many other great trance artists... although the sun was blistering on our already sunburnt skin hahahaha even though prior to going out we both lathered our skin with sun block fearing a repeat of last weeks burn.

the crowd is VERY different to Sydney... first and foremost.. there aren't as many asians shuffling in Perth as there are in Sydney.. and there aren't as many guys puffing out their chests in tight short shorts bouncing their man tits around either. one thing i did notice was.. the asians in Perth shoved these.. sticks that smelt like Vicks vapo rub up their  noses a lot.. it was one of the strangest things i've ever seen. no idea what it does for them.. but i didn't really want to ask either.. the crowd didn't seem to friendly.. and i didn't want to start a riot.. but hey.. to each their own. the boy and i had our overly priced beers and wiggled to the music throughout the night being occasionally bumped into by a drunk spectator :)

Sunday, 25 November 2012

le wedding

Aaron and Trish's Wedding

my nails for the wedding...

Ibis Hotel Perth

Roast Pork and Celery Puree

Sweet Chili Asian Prawn Salad

Roast Lamb and Vegetables with Black Olive Risotto

Manhattan Mud Cake with Chocolate Sauce

Passionfruit Cheesecake

--the only reason why the food pictures exist is because the boy took them for me.. i was almost gone by the time the mains were served :P

at the beginning of the reception we had pre drinks and i got a little overly excited at the open bar.. the table that we were sitting at were absolutely hilarious. of course i didn't know anyone and the ones the boy knew were old primary school friends. we were definitely the loudest, most rowdy table of the entire wedding. and i'm pretty sure we drank the most too. initially whenever anyone wanted to get a drink... they'd just walk to the bar and the bar tender would give them the drink of their choice.. i think eventually she just gave up and gave the boy a bottle of champagne to take back to our table..
he being the typical guy.. wanted to pop the cork.. and me being about... 4 champagne glasses in.. for some reason thought it was such an ingenious idea to shake the bottle.. yeah.. it didn't go very well.. i ended up getting champagne all over my dress.. but everyone else found it very amusing.

once again.. i was the tallest asian in the building.. although my 6inch heels didn't help my cause.. i could have easily passed as a decorated support beam :P

all in all it was a really fun night. it ended pretty early so we wanted to go dancing afterwards but ended up going home and passing out by midnight. seeing as we have Stereosonic to go to the next day...

we play it off like we're such party animals.. when really we're like an old retired couple going to bed around 11 hahahaha.

Tuesday, 20 November 2012

back and sunburnt =="

finally back to civilisation and cellphone service area now! spent the weekend with the other half in Hamelin Bay.

Left saturday morning after breakfast... drove for about 3 hours through Margaret River and stopped by 3 Oceans Wine Company for lunch

The Howling Wolves for some wine tasting and of course wine :)

--their moscato is absolutely delicious btw.

we finally got to our beach apartment in Hamelin Bay

the water was absolutely freezing but so clear and blue. i'm used to the brown muddy waters of Ocean City in Virginia and the overcrowded Bondi Beach in Sydney... so being here was a serene opportunity.. let alone to share it with the other half.

breakfast of champions! hahahhaa some buttermilk pancakes and bacon for breakfast before heading to Prevally Beach for canoeing.

Buch tucker canoe tour on Margaret River! :D

bush tucker lunch!

delicious spread of smoked emu, kangaroo, crocodile, turkey, tomato relish, cheddar cheese, basil pesto, bush peppers, mango chutney, tomato bread, berries, and crackers

it was surprisingly really good. they each had their own distinct texture and taste.. but it was just like any other sandwich meats.. although.. table manners were a little off.. hahaha had to sit on our life jackets with our dirty feets

the paddle home was a mission. getting to the picnic area was a sinch because we were following the stream down.. but going back up to the car we were padding against the stream.. we were paired with the tour guide lady.. who was such a machine.. we had gone about half way back to our start point when she had realised that there were 2 canoes who fell behind. so we had to make a U-turn to go and find them. in one canoe... there was a couple and their friend who couldn't paddle to save their lives... i understand it being difficult to steer the canoe when you're going against the stream... but i reckon they were just too lazy to try.. (you know girls who refuse to get their hands dirty or break a nail... yeah...) so i don't know what they were expecting when they signed up for the canoe tour... it wasn't like the canoes were going be motor equipped... and there was a couple of Chile who... genuinely just couldn't keep up with going against the stream. so the tour guide lady swapped with one of the girls to our canoe and the Chile couple followed her back to the car. we were stuck with miss princess and the picnic baskets and peoples belongings struggling to get back. it took us forever to get back and half way through i was so over it. my arms were so incredibly sore and my skin started to burn... and mind you.. being incompetent herself... tried to tell me what to do and how to paddle (==") i mean.. she was friendly and kept running her mouth about where she was from... but.. i just really wanted to get back to the car and out of the sun... finally we made it back... and as a treat he and i went to get some ice cream... canoe aftermath...

notice how red my arms are?! (i thought i was going to kill her) and the other half copped it the worst because his skin was much lighter than mine.. seeing as he's in the office all day.. and my punk ass is always walking to and from school during the day... (that and i've been burnt to a crisp before... clearly i haven't learnt my lesson)

we stopped by priceline to grab some aloe vera and anti inflammatory spray.. then proceeded to doust our arms and legs in it for the rest of the night... (even now)

last dinner in Hamelin Bay... i made beef stroganoff and rice

all in all it was a really great weekend... although i can't get past this sun burn right now.. i know once i get past the burn stage... then the itching stage.. followed by the peeling stage... i'll be able to look back and remember... TO NEVER GO OUT IN THE SUN WITHOUT SUNBLOCK! no matter how short or long of a period you think you're going to be in the sun for! and even if it doesn't feel hot outside! i mean.. what a beautiful stay it was and how great it was to spend some quality alone time with the other half just being around each other and spending time together :)

Friday, 16 November 2012

food coma

in the past week... i've done nothing but paint my nails and bake..

home made manhattan cheesecake

and soy bean cookies... one sweet and one savoury :D

so... in light of all the baking i've been doing.. i thought i'd try...

my very first attempt at cupcake nails ^_^

i probably should have used a different color for the cake.. cause it blends in with my natural nail color... (seemed like a good idea at the time) but.. i'm quite pleased with how it turned out :)

going to Hamelin Bay this weekend with the other half. very keen and excited. finally able to get out and do something other than job searching or housewife shit. hahahahahaha

Monday, 12 November 2012

bored shitless... and still have yet to accomplish anything

another day at home.. still unemployed. (the idea of finding work as soon as i got to Perth is seeming more and more ridiculous now... no idea how we're going to pay for this wedding now...)

been doing mindless things at home.. spending time with the fiancé and spamming my resume online to retail and admin jobs.

sadly enough.. the whole idea was for us to plan the wedding and what not when i got here.. but low and behold... we have accomplished nothing. not to mention his parents still don't know about everything.. so still.. i have to hide the ring.. and only wear it when he and i go out.. which is pretty sad.

but on a lighter note.. i had dinner with Emma on saturday...

steak and lamb chop BBQ :)

 and finally tried on my potato sack.. and i am super excited to say.. that the sucker actually turned out really nice. i was so paranoid that it'd be tragic looking because when i went to the bridal store with the fiancé and the lady showed me what taffeta looked like.. and i thought it was going to cry.. it made me think of trackies... thank goodness it wasn't the issue for my potato sack!

it obviously needs to be dry cleaned.. and word on the street is that it can cost up to $500 for wedding dresses! (what the shit) seriously.. this whole mark up bullshit just because it's a wedding is getting really annoying and incredibly discriminative. to think that for this bag to be steamed.. it's going to cost more than the bag itself. ridiculous.
well... i'm obviously going to shop around and maybe even buy my own steam iron.. considering they sell for about $60 on sale at Target.. (they're crazy if they think i'm going to spend half a grand to have someone wave steam over it.)

one thing i did.. gain or.. lose depending on how you want to look at it... with all this time i have on my hands is.. i finally ventured into marbling!
i've seen hundred of tutorials and nail marbling designs.. all so pretty and intricate. and i've been wanting to try for a while now.. was just never bothered. and let me tell you.. it looks much easier in the video than what it really is trying it...

round one...


round two...

seriously... it was such a mission to do.. i don't know how people do the flowers and all the other crazy shit...

ending product...

it doesn't look too bad... but.. compared to other designs i've seen.. it just looks a mess... :(

Thursday, 8 November 2012

when in perth...

so... seeing as i live in asia town back in sydney... which means asian foods are plenty.. especially vietnamese and chinese foods... what do i eat when i come to perth?!

... more asian foods =="

crispy chicken with fried rice and chill garlic fish sauce lunch with his parents while he's at work :P

nails for the day.. free hand pink french tips with glitter :)

--still waiting for the boy to come home from work.. probably lure him into going late night shopping tonight.

Wednesday, 7 November 2012

greetings from perth!

exams are finally done. got to perth this morning. and already home sick. i don't know how i'm going to survive 4 months here.

had lunch with the bff after my last exam on tuesday

roamed the mall a little before she had to go work and i headed home to pack some last minute shit.

--how he expects me to pack 20kgs of my life into one suitcase.. is beyond me. but i guess that just gives me an excuse to make him buy me new clothes when an occasion arises. teeheehee*

didn't do too much today... we went to a shopping center so i could get some girly things.. (nail polish remover and cotton balls.. hahahhhaha) then had dinner with his whole family at Hog's Breath Cafe in Northbridge.

Sunday, 4 November 2012

i'm totally studying...

--my failed attempt at Mickey Mouse nails

looks so sloppy and uneven hahaha. only lasted about.. 15 minutes till i decided to take it off and change my nail polish again. and yes.. i should still be studying because i have one more exam left.
so sue me. i don't think i can continue to read my notes and textbooks and examples and symptoms of mental disorders anymore..

Saturday, 3 November 2012

Guten Abend!

celebratory bier with the dad at Löwenbräu Keller after my exam ^_^

i think it was the first time in about 20 years since my parents have been in the city. in honesty.. not much has changed.. just the crowd seems to get more and more asian looking hahaha. but it was very nice to be out with my parents. we just walked around circular quay and headed over for a beer. first beer i've ever had with my dad and he was champ enough to let me have a 500mL. like a boss.

and mom bought me a pair of aviators :D

--been.. on edge past couple of days. things have been really crazy for him at work. and i'm up to my ears with exams and last minute assessments. little fights here and there.. again. but i'm just so not fcuked to argue with him anymore. not that i'm being insensitive to his feelings.. i just really don't have any energy in me to fight with him. and most of the time i don't even know what we're arguing about. i just know that i'm angry at him.. it's ridiculous. but. only a couple days left now.


Thursday, 1 November 2012

lunch with le cousin

i spy steak :)

--gave the Garnier BB cream a try this morning. it was actually pretty good. although my cheeks were a little itchy.. i'm guessing it was because my skin was dry and made it irritable.
the next day i moisturised my face before applying the BB cream and it worked wonders. great coverage lasting the entire day through exam stress.