Wednesday, 30 April 2014




WIld Orchid is a holographic thermal that transitions from magenta when cold to light pink/clear when warm




Topaz is an Electric Blue duochrome that shifts from gold to lime green depending on the light


Topaz is a holographic thermal that transitions from orange when cold to mint/yellow when warm




Rayleigh is a multichrome that shifts cyan/blue/purple/red depending on the light


Mauve Dreams is a gold/violet shifting thermal that transitions from purple when cold to fuchsia/red when warm




Cherrywood is a holographic multi chrome that shifts blue/purple/red/orange depending on the light

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Kim from KJP ) and I are teaming up for the release of our new colors! With any purchase of two or more of our new shades you get a handmade flower keychain designed and made by Kim herself! 

Shades available for purchase May 4th. Preorder now open at

Photo and swatch credit: Lauren Tran

Monday, 28 April 2014

NYLON… nylon everywhere

Got my first Nylons from Living Dead Clothing today and i am highly excitable!

I ordered these babies last Monday and because of the Easter long weekend they didn't come until today BUT I AM SO EXCITABLE!!! --the penis isn't very happy about my sudden interest in nylons.. they're not exactly cheap in price.. and he's a little buggered about his CC bill xD

pictures to come soon..! ;)

--I've been working on preorders of new Smudged shades and i managed to sprain my shoulder or arm.. somehow.. guess i over did it with all the mixing and shaking. my whole right arm aches from my wrist all the way up to the back of my shoulder. I thought using a heat pack would alleviate the pain.. which it did with burning.. but then my skin mottled.. (masochism at its finest.. fighting pain with fire)

LET THIS BE A WARNING TO EVERYONE WHO USES MICORWAVABLE HEAT PACKS. DO NOT HAVE IT TOO HOT ON YOUR SKIN! This is what may happen to your skin! It actually looks a lot more awful than it feels.. i mean my ache is still there but the actual skin itself isn't in pain or anything.. it just looks awful. (hey there's a heart! a heat heart!)

Friday, 18 April 2014

carb hit

I had lunch with a friend today and she took me to Delisio Pizza Roma in the ENEX Food Court Perth CBD and it was GLORIOUS!

I had Squid Ink Spaghetti with Salmon and Broccoli and she had Fettucini Carbonara. My spaghetti was alienate and i prefer JUST over cooked but overall the flavour was delicious and such a giant bowl for a steal of $13!!!

After lunch she went back to work and i did my usual stroll around the city for the next 3 hours till the penis got off from work… can't say it was that exciting.. and i didn't find anything worth paying monies for.. so.. i guess it was my "workout" for the week!

Sunday, 13 April 2014


Glorious dinner with the penis and his friends at Dae Jang Kum!

--of course i would choose for us to have Korean :P

Tteokbokki - Korean Spicy Rice Cakes and Fish Cakes

Bbudae Zzigae - Ramn with sausages, spam, tofu and beans

Samgyupsal - Pork Belly BBQ!

The atmosphere was really great.. although we were sweating bullets because of the hot coal they use for the BBQ, but overall it was a really great experience! The food is quite pricey, but it's worth every penny! I would definitely recommend this place to all Korean food enthusiasts!

The tteokbokki was nice.. but in honesty i've had better… It wasn't as spicy as i thought it would be, but it does have a kick to it.

Bbudae Zzigae delicious perfect for cold days!

Samgyupsal absolutely GLORIOUS!!! Highly recommend!

All main courses come with unlimited side dishes which were also delicious. Friendly staff, and just awesome all around!

Monday, 7 April 2014

it's monday again

i find myself getting really irritated and frustrated easily lately.. i can't tell if it's uni stress.. house renovations… or just.. life in general.. seems like the only thing i have control of are my nails..
at least.. the plumber is coming tomorrow to install the toilets and replace all the taps.. then the carpets are coming in right after.. so that's huge progress at least.. (on top of the fact that i've been looking at adoption places for a kitten or rabbit.. and the penis is starting to look for furniture.. which is highly excitable..)
i really can't wait to move out. yes there will be a lot of responsibilities that he and i will face that we probably haven't before.. but we all have to at some point.. and i'd much rather go through it with him.


people who play favourites shit me to no end.

the penis' mom… fucken.. asdfgh*
she has two sons!! how is it that she can pay more attention to one than the other?! and if you're going to do that why the fuck have more than one child for?!
we usually all have dinner separately.. the brother eats last cause he usually has his tit milk after the gym.. whatever.. but she legit brings food into his room for him.. =="
fine.. ok whatever.. but yesterday.. she was complaining to the husband that there was no meat left in the stew.. only vegetables.. and she was aggro because she thought the brother hadn't eaten yet.. little does she know the fucker was the first to eat.. worried that he hadn't had enough.. she cuts a slice of pie for him.. and brings it into his room for him.. i can't even..
at first i thought it was because she probably thinks since i'm there i can be the one to do it for him.. but it's always been like this. regardless of whether or not i was in the picture. whenever she has a chore she needs help with.. she only ever tells the penis to do it.. never the older brother.. which is so incredibly unfair! it makes me feel so sorry for him.. and worry he would feel.. unloved or neglected.. (this makes me worry a little about whether or not i want to be a parent..)

uni is the same.. i should actually be doing my assignment and reading my chapters right now.. but i really can't be bothered to right now.. it'll just go through one ear and out the other.. (must be the monday blues.. except.. i seem to get said blues every day of the week)

anyway.. my NOTD.. very uninspired.. and i'm kind of obsessed with this glitter topper at the moment.
for this mani i used China Glaze For Audrey and Under The Boardwalk for the gradient topped off with Smudged Polish Phrenology Freak

wore my mid rings to class today.. i didn't really get them in the beginning.. but they've definitely grown on me. i got these from Lovisa