Wednesday, 30 October 2013

i'm finally back from asia.. and i think i have SARS

hi everyone!

i'm back from my trip.. well.. i've been back for over a week now.. but i caught the flu on my last day in Singapore and have been sick ever since… so i haven't been able to blog.
i still have congestion and a chesty cough but i have to drag myself out of bed for uni.. exams are next week and i want to die T.T

my dad seeing me so sick made a joke about me catching SARS while in Singapore.. and told me to stay away and asked me why i brought SARS home to him.. =="

despite returning home sick.. the trip was a great success!

it was a lot of fun and i got to see and try many things that i wouldn't usually be able to.. but it was bloody hot.. not dry hot like it is in Australia.. but that humid sticky suffocating hot.. you could feel it hit you as soon as you get off the plane!

my nails for the trip..

OPI - You Callin' Me A Lyre and Femme Fatale Cosmetics - Dreamers Potion

i arrived in Changi airport Singapore 7pm October 15.. and met up with the other half and his cousin Shaun because the penis had arrived 5 hours before i did from Perth…
i was already dead by then.. i didn't sleep on the airplane at all and i had been up since 530am because i had class that morning. (on top of the fact that we got into an argument the night before.. go figure right?! ==")
we headed straight for Johor Baru and because i hadn't eaten yet.. they decided to go to a korean restaurant on the way home!

Jap Chae! Korean potato noodles!

to be honest.. i don't even remember the name of the restaurant.. i was so fried.. i just wanted to lay down.. i was on an 8 hour flight.. just sitting on my ass the hole time.
i was both.. happy and angry to see the penis.. because i missed him.. but was still annoyed at our fight the night before and before he left for Singapore!

Thursday 16 October

Shaun and his sister Linda take us out for breakfast and some shopping before heading back into Singapore..

my favourite.. Hor Fun! which is fried rice noodle in a thick egg sauce with veggies and meat!

i was also introduced to this deliciousness…

Kaya Toast.. it may not look like much.. but believe me.. it was delicious! it's just toasted bread with butter and kaya.. which is a pandan sugar… delicious. absolutely delicious. so incredibly bad for you.. but so damn good. i could live off of this stuff fr the rest of my days.. (maybe not.. because i love bibimbap so much too)

all washed down with a popular malaysian drink..

Kopi Te.. which essentially is just white coffee mixed with tea. but doesn't have that bitter taste of coffee and not as heavy as a latte.

after breakfast we headed to the mall before making our way into Singapore..

i went a little crazy in the Skin Food shop over korean products… but get this.. everything in that picture was a total of about $100 AUD! can you believe?! Levi Jean and shirt.. and all those skin products! i love this place!

--i'll leave it here for now because i still have uni things i have to do.. but will have more posts of the trip soon!

i hope everyone is happy and healthy!

Monday, 14 October 2013


it's monday again.. and once again as always i wonder where the weekend went..

oh that's right.. i spent the weekend doing my assignments that were due before i left for Singapore.. which is in 2 days!!! seriously... i remember when it was still months away and i was having a sook about it.. with a few mental breakdowns mixed in...
i'm excited about our first international trip together and all the other nervous feelings you're supposed to get before going on a trip.. but.. singapore.. SINGAPORE.. it was the land of doom and gloom.. why are we going again..? (oh yeah.. the junk ass wedding.. which i'm told is going to be in a car park.. what does that even mean?! you're getting your friends to fly all the way from Australia to attend your wedding in asia.. you'd think they'd put in a little effort in the presentation of their wedding.. guess not. well i just hope it's a joke.. then again.. it's a super conservative muslim wedding... so how exciting can it possibly be.. well. we all know who's going to be hitting up a bar before the reception and then clubbing afterwards!)
well.. were going.. and i have some international Smudged polish orders to process when we get there. which i'm very proud about. i just hope everything goes well and i'm actually able to ship them out from Singapore. just going to keep myself busy and focus on spending time with the penis.. yeah. (who am i kidding.. i'm going to go into my lapse at some point.. i just hope it won't be severe)

--i made a new friend a few weeks ago through instagram.. i first spoke to her when she purchased one of my grab bags and some of my polishes.. out of the blue about a week ago when she commented on one of my pictures.. i decided to go and stalk her instagram page and was blown away by her absolutely adorable designs! Kimberly makes jewellery, key chains, earrings and other assorted shindigs out of polymer clay! and i had no idea! this whole time!! i went through her pictures and just had to make an order..
the tiny little bears were the first to catch my attention.. and with my very obvious obsession over anything korean lately.. i've developed a liking for.. coupley things.. so she handmade these custom zombie bears for me!

aren't they so cute?! so small.. and hand made!!! if you notice on the bears bottoms.. she stamped our initials on either bear.. SO CUTE!
i was thinking of using these bears as an "official engagement proposal" to my penis..
--the back story is.. he proposed to me about a year ago when we were in Melbourne... but because neither of our parents know about our engagement (it's a long story and it's mostly because of my parents.. if you read back to my earlier posts you'll remember that my parents went ape shit after meeting him) i think this is going to be when he proposes to me.. PROPERLY. (there's a story behind this too.. but not exactly PG13.. so it'd be nice to have a normal story to tell when people ask me how he proposed) then again.. i could be completely wrong too.. --this is all because i had left my engagement ring back in perth when i visited last time... i'm just assuming he's going to propose again.. and properly this time.
i know i shouldn't expect any more than he has given me.. and i am appreciative of everything i've been given.. but it'd be nice to think that he'd think of giving me a proper proposal..

so.. i went and got my hair cut on a whim today... i was originally going to wait till after the singapore trip because i wanted to have long curls for the wedding.. but with the ridiculous heat wave in Sydney and apparently the average forecast for singapore weather is 32 degrees and humid... i couldn't take the maintenance and length anymore so i had about 9 inches chopped off. i went to Kim Sun Young on Pitt St and i had my hair done by Emma. this is my second time having my hair cut with her and i really love the cut and service i had received.. i can't tell whether or not i regret cutting off so much yet.. or that i'm in denial.. because every time i have long hair and i have a cut.. any cut let alone a drastic one.. i always end up having a cry over it... the penis doesn't know about it yet.. but i'm sure he will after he checks his credit card account.. hahahaha.

my nails for the day..

this beauty is Femme Fatale Cosmetics Dreamers Potion. one dabbed coat over a Sinful Colors Sweet Tooth, Sugar Rush and Candy Coated gradient. it's so dreamy and girly!

well my beautifuls.. back to le assignments for me.. hopefully i'll be able to squeeze in a last minute blog... maybe about how i'm going to fit a weeks trip worth of clothes into a backpack tomorrow before i leave for Singapore.. this will be interesting...

Thursday, 10 October 2013

it's 38 degrees out and you're outside...

spent the afternoon with Jenn today after uni for shenanigans and nails...

i met her at Ashfield station and grabbed some nibblies before heading to her apartment.. throughout the walk.. which was only about 15 minutes accumulative walk  i was whining and complaining about the sun and heat melting my face and korean skin off.. no joke it was 38 degrees today.. i don't know why we thought it was a good idea to be outside..

just like all of my close friends.. whenever we meet up.. we'd eat.. or nails and eat. hahaha i guess they're part of the credentials of being my friend..

this blur is Scribbles.. hahaha one of the few pictures i was able to capture of her.. she's so friendly and i was so glad to have finally met her! i didn't get to go anywhere near Fuzzy.. the fat turd bag was in hiding because it was so hot today.. =="

Scribbles mostly spent the day rummaging around the house while i did Jenn's hair and nails..

this beauty is Emily de Molly Living After Midnight with Femme Fatale Cosmetics Midsummer Petals for the accent in direct sunlight

same mani topped off with Miss Ashleigh Matte Hatter

i introduced her to deep fried oreos too and her mind was blown.. we managed to get through 2 packets and i even got her listening to kpop!!! it was glorious.

Monday, 7 October 2013


LABOR DAY PUBLIC HOLIDAY means.. no school today! woot woot*

spent the day with Meg and her wabbitses...

aren't they just the darnest little things?! Patrick is such a poser.. he's a total camera whore.. whereas Abby can't stay still.. it's almost like she knows she's being photographed and moves...

sushi for lunch! and guzzled down with cider.. yum.

we watched The Other Boelyn Girl and as a snack.. i made...

deep fried oreos!!!

they were surprisingly delicious! the cookie was soft and chewy and the filling melted like marshmallows. so bad for you but so addictive!
all i you need is:
pancake mix
vegetable oil
small sauce pan
pack of oreos

submerge the oreo into the pancake batter and deep fry it in medium to low heat till golden brown! make sure the batter is more gloopy than runny.. otherwise you won't get much batter on the cookie...

hehehe.. i kind of burnt the last batch a little.. was going back and forth from the kitchen to the lounge where the tv was and they got super brown super fast... so note.. DON'T WALK AWAY FROM FOOD THAT IS BEING FRIED!!

my nails for the day...

not my greatest work.. and it seemed like a good idea at the time.. but i just had no inspiration... and nothing looked right...
for this mani i used OPI Can't Find My Czech Book, Emily De Molly Turbulence and Inevitable, China Glaze Snow Globe and BYS Black Satin.

dinner was take away pasta and Perks Of Being a Wallflower

Carbonara with a side of Caesar salad!

i'm going to miss these little fuzz buckets so much.. only a week or so till my SG trip followed by exams and then i'm off to Perth... where did all the time go?!

i hope everyone had an awesome weekend!

Sunday, 6 October 2013

it's finally finished!

SO... after a week of sanding and staining and painting.. guess who has finally finished kitchen renos...?!

isn't it pretty?!

the painting was a synch but the sanding took ages and was so awful.. there was saw dust everywhere.. thank goodness my mom helped my dad and i clean up afterwards.. otherwise it would have taken even longer.. but it was good fun.. i was able to spend a lot of time with my dad talking bullshit and letting him reminisce over his younger bad child days hahaha

get this... after a week of hard labor on my hands.. i managed to spare my nails from breaking.. but the last day when i took a shower.. one nail tore... =="
what are the odds! anyway.. to celebrate the end of manual laboring...

Femme Fatale Cosmetics Pools of Vision topped off with Miss Ashleigh Matte Hatter!

now.. to catch up on uni assignments and Invincible Youth =P