Saturday, 30 June 2012

pink tiger lillies

aspiring bouquet flowers?

went cake and flower shopping with the jonno. who would have thunk wedding bouquets would cost so much! i had budgeted the bouquet for $50. they apparently range from $300-$3000..

in for a pocket rape with this wedding...

Friday, 29 June 2012

pear hunting! :D

we spent the entire day roaming malls and jewellery stores in perth city, looking for my pear.

they were either unavailable, or incredibly unnecessarily expensive. i started to feel disheartened until we found a place called, Perth Diamond Exchage   in London Court.

peter was incredibly helpful and friendly. he answered all our questions and didn't try to create a false sense of security then try to take advantage of us. but most importantly, he wasn't condescending or asked me if i was pregnant. (we had a few not so nice jewellers look us up and down and before even asking me what i was looking for looked at jonno and asked him what the budget was. rude)

i explained to him what i wanted, and he said he could easily order the stone then have it set for me, although it might take a couple of weeks depending availability of the diamond i wanted. then, low and behold. he remembered that he had one stashed away. he brought the ring out and told me to try it on, my hands were shaking so much i could barely hold it. jonno was sitting on the chair beside me giggling at my hysteria.

jonno and peter started to whisper to each other while i was engrossed into my pear. i assume it was a really great deal because jonno had agreed and put down the deposit.

now i'm just waiting for the turd bag to ask me. xD

Wednesday, 27 June 2012

date night

back in Perth to visit le boy!

KoKo Black

in honesty.. before coming here he was hyping up this place to be amazing. even his brother was commenting on how chocolately their hot chocolate was. and being chocolate drunk after drinking it. (i didn't really care for it)

really friendly service and.. nice atmosphere. but the desserts were heavily overpriced. le boy had chocolate moose, which was really nice. but my fudge brownie was such a fail. tasted old and soggy.

--hahaha something that made me giggle throughout the night was.. there was these two men sitting next to us. both asian. probably in their mid twenties. they had a small plate of chocolate they were sharing with each other and 2 beverages. they seemed very content and were laughing and sharing stories with one another. (probably on their man date) hahahahhaa but. it was very cute to see :)

Sunday, 10 June 2012

le spots

feeling spotty :P

this was inspired by a girl on the train.. she was wearing a polka dot shirt. with little tiny dots on her finger nails. but they were rainbow dots on a white base. i didn't have the patience to do tiny little dots with 7 different colors so i made my own version of it :)

Thursday, 7 June 2012

engagement pictures

is it me.. but i feel like i'm the only person in this world who didn't know how expensive wedding related things were.. whether it be the dress, flowers, reception, or even photographers...

i started researching online for wedding/engagement photographers, and list goes on and  on and on.. ranging from $70 an hour to $900 an hour... but i guess at the end of the day.. you get what you pay for.

one photographer i've religiously followed is Nattnee. the pictures are to die for.. well. i think so at least.

maybe for the bigger wedding *crosses fingers*