Sunday, 30 March 2014


Today the penis and i went to Oz Comic Con held at The Perth Convention Center.. and it was absolutely GLORIOUS!

i was going for the.. kpop F(x) look…

and the penis.. typical anime school boy.. both were severely poor and thrown together at the last minute compared to the many other cosplay people who attended

Poison Ivy

Sponge Bob!

Effie from The Hunger Games

Witch King of Angmar

Brook, Squall and… someone i don't know but was absolutely adorable

Assassins Creed who was giving out free hugs! (except it looks like the penis is grabbing his balls)


Emma Frost

i had absolutely no idea who she was dressed as but i thought she was so gorgeous and she had such a beautiful personality


and last but by no means least… Tuna Sushi! the penis bought her for me as a Oz Comic Con souvenir.

This was the first anime/comic convention i had ever been to and i absolutely loved it! i'm a little sad they didn't have much Harry Potter or Lord of The Ring things.. but it was a really great experience… now.. to plan a costume for the next event… teeheehee*

oh.. and before i forget… of course…

my NOTD.. Gradient using China Glaze Papaya Punch and Under The Boardwalk topped off with Smudged polish Phrenology Freak ;)

Tuesday, 18 March 2014


Today i have swatches of Smudged polishes newest Easter Collection inspired by none other than Charlie the Unicorn!

first up is CANDY MOUNTAIN
Candy Mountain is a neon pink crelly with a slight holographic effect filled with black and pastel pink, blue and green glitters

second up.. CHARLIEEE
Charliee is a white crelly filled with black and pastel pink, blue and green glitters

third.. THE MEADOW
The Meadow is a pastel neon green crelly filled with black and pastel pink, blue and green glitters

Shun The Non Believer is a lavender crelly filled with black and pastel pink blue and green glitters

last but by no means least… MAGICAL LEOPLURADON
Magical Leopluradon is a deep blue holographic polish that comes with a small bag of gold holographic star glitters

All five with be available for purchase March 20 from my etsy store!

Swatches done by the most lovely Belinda

Monday, 17 March 2014

lippy problem.. me? no way!

in light of my "what's in my bag" post a few days ago.. today i will be rambling about my lippies!

mind you… these were the ones that were within eyesight in my bag.. or scattered around my room… (as you may or may not have noticed… i am very fond of lip balms)

the first and my absolute favourite at the moment are these Etude House Dear My Jelly Lips in JOR203 and JPK004. I absolutely adore these.. they're actually lip tints and apparently inspired by jelly beans! They taste great.. leave your lips looking like coloured jellies.. just.. amazing! my only suggestion is to make sure you don't have any dry skin on your lips.. so best to exfoliate first or use a lip balm before putting a generous amount on your lips..

speaking of exfoliating.. i recently tried the Lush Bubblegum Lip Scrub after many awesome reviews and suggestions from friends.. can't say i love it per se.. cause it's a little messy with the sugar granules but man does it work wonders for your lips

i'm sure you've seen these suckers around everywhere.. and i'm pretty sure every lip loving woman has at least one of these somewhere in her purse or room! Maybelline Baby Lips! I managed to score these from Priceline during their 40% off all cosmetics sale a few months back. I usually use the Pink Lolita before i smack on my Etude House Jelly Lip

i'm not very sure if there's a shelf life for lip products.. but i've had this for years… though i've only used it a few times… mostly cause i bought this when i was in my tomboyish phase.. not really sure why i bought it when i did to be honest.. this is a tinted lip conditioner from MAC in Petting Pink. i recently used it for a dinner party i went to a few weeks ago and got so many compliments for it. guess lip tints are in now!

this is Born Lippy in Guava from The Body Shop.. i remember my first lippy from The Body Shop was Passionberry back in high school and i was mostly obsessed with the smell of the lip balm… i would literally just sit in class sniffing the thing! i think i like this only because of the smell.. it is moisturising.. but it doesn't last very long.. and so i find myself having to reapply quite often on top of the fact that the product is on the runnier side.. i end up having a greasy finger after i've applied the product to my lips… still love the smell though. hahaha

this is a new buy for me.. only a few days ago actually (note that it's still in its original packaging).. again from Priceline's 40% off all cosmetics sale (who doesn't love a good sale?! teeheehee*) after hearing so many good things from my lip stick loving friends… i thought i'd give it a go.. this is Australis Velourlips in Rio-D. it apparently goes on like lip gloss but dries matte. can't wait to try it out.

these fat coloured egg looking things are obscenely popular in The States. Evolution of Smooth, also known as EOS for short lip balms. absolutely gloriously moisturising with delicious fruity scents. here i have melon and strawberry sorbet. one given to me by my best friend and the other from a friend living in Georgia

another unopened… Urban Rituelle lip balm in Peach Blossom. (i really need to use up a lip balm before getting another one.. but how can you resist these fruity things?!) i've never actually heard of this brand until i was shopping with a friend in Sydney when we came across a small beauty shop in China Town and i saw the samples there and it smelled so delectable that i just had to have one.. but i think this was one of the most expensive lip balms i own.. next to my MAC lip conditioner.. my friend saw me sniffing tiny coloured pots so she deeded to join in.. after picking out which we liked more she bought herself and myself one. (not sure if i'll ever open it to be honest.. hahaha.. least not for a while.. so i really hope they have a really long shelf life)

hope you ladies enjoyed this post.. if there are any of your must have lippies you'd recommend.. i'd LOVE to hear your list!

Sunday, 16 March 2014


Today the penis and i went on the mission drive to Mandurah for the Mandurah Crab Fest!
--yes i actually went outside in the sun today for longer than 15 minutes! (if you know me you know that i'm currently obsessed with getting clear white korean looking skin.. hence all the paper masks i've been trying and freaking out each time i'm in direct sunlight)

By the time we got there it was way past lunch time because SOMEBODY decided not to get out of bed till 1130 playing Call of Duty Ghosts.. not pointing any fingers.. but i'm sure we can all guess who it was..

first thing we saw as we walked in was a line for Fresh Oysters.. and i of course jumped in immediately…

about 46 minutes later..

we each had one with vinegar and one with lime juice.. i of course added tabasco to both of mine. it was so sweet and just.. delicious. i could eat about a dozen of them in one sitting by myself.. but by the second one i'd break out into itchy rashes… hahahaha

the next massive line was for fried soft shell crab and paella… but the penis wanted to take a quick look around before deciding on waiting in line for an hour or more for food.. (my theory is.. out of all the stalls set up.. there has to be a reason why THIS one is so much longer than the rest…)
we walked past.. donuts.. churros… hotdogs.. baked potatoes.. thai foods… all things battered, fried and baked.. but.. come on.. were at a crab fest.. we have to have crabs..

battered and deep fried soft shell crab and paella! only about an hour in the sun.. after all the squealing and fussing.. we got our foods!!!
the crab was perfectly cooked.. sweet and flakey on the inside.. crunchy and light batter on the outside.. the paella on the other hand.. was a little.. funny.. they used pasta instead of rice.. which would be fine if it wasn't undercooked.. and it was a little too sour for my taste.

after foods.. we walked around checking out the random stalls and dodged running screaming kids.
oh.. we also saw Kylie and Kelly from My Kitchen Rules! they were doing a cooking performance and made some.. crab dish.. we didn't stay long enough to watch them finish.. i personally can't stand Kelly.. from how she is in the tv show.. i can't stand her.. so i didn't care to stick around.. and.. apparently some old man who attended shared the same view.. because he yelled out "cook the crabs you crab!" hahahahahhahaha! i thought it was absolutely hilarious!

my NOTD was Emily de Molly Fashion Victim and China Glistening Snow

now.. to waste away the night playing COD.. because my punk ass is slightly sunburnt =="
i'm a few shades darker.. but i'm on my third face mask for the night.. bahahahahahahahahahaha*

Thursday, 13 March 2014


Greetings readers!

Today i have a "what's in my bag" blog post! I'm sure you've seen a few video blogs on youtube for this tag.. so a few ladies and myself have decided to do a what's in my bag blog post! Hope you enjoy reading this and that it's not too boring!

Coach is my absolutely favourite all time handbag brand and i don't think that will ever change.. the penis bought me this baby about 2 years ago because my old handbag was absolutely shredded.. i mean.. the "leather" interior was starting to ware down so severely that it literally shredded.. and i could peel off the pieces of leather out.. it was pretty sad. but.. no fear.. i now have this precious baby to help me carry all my things around!

First is my sunnies.. these are actually my first ever "nice" sunnies. For the longest time i only ever bought the cheap 10-15 dollar sunnies because i'd somehow always manage to lose them! For whatever reason.. whether i misplace them and forget where i left them last.. or have them stolen.. i don't even know.. i just know that they never fail to go missing if not in a few days.. a few months surely. Or it could be that because i know they're cheap i don't take care of them..? who knows.. but whatever the case.. i now have these Ray Ban's! I got this in a Singapore Sunglasses Hut equivalent.. and who doesn't love Duty Free shopping.. on top of haggling asian shops for cheaper prices muahahahahaha*. My only fuss about these are they're not prescription sunglasses.. and i.. if you don't already know have four eyes. I could wear contacts.. but my eyes dry out so quickly that i'd have to use eye drops constantly.. and who's really bothered to do that every few minutes when they're out.. so i usually change back and forth from sunnies and my prescription glasses if i need to see something.

Of course my wallet.. and of course Coach. Absolutely adore this wallet. Before i purchased this bad boy in Atlantic City i used the cheap random 10-20 dollar wallets and would go through wallets every few months.. (i don't have commitment issues at all…) but i've had this wallet for over 4 years and it's still in excellent condition.

my iPod… because.. i can't live without music.. and yes i am still going through a kpop phase.

my adorable kitty coin purse… because i hate the smell of money and don't want to stretch out my wallet with coins.. (my best friend has the exact same one in purple.. we bought at the same time for my birthday… because i'm lame and like match match things with my favourites.)

hand and nail essentials.. Lush Lemony Flutter cuticle butter and L'Occitane hand cream (a definite must for all you nail enthusiasts or dry hands/eczema sufferers)

my keys! (i love all things keys.. ironic that i only have one key key for the house.. and a bunch of random keys that don't actually work… the angle keyring is also a couple keychain.. the penis has one that saids love on the heart.. yes yes.. i'm totally lame)

small pouch of lady needs.. because mother nature doesn't care that you're out and wearing a skirt.. she comes when she wants to whenever she wants to. (i actually have some advil in there too.. because i get obscene unforgiving cramps whenever she comes.. merciless wench i tell you)


my two current absolute loves in lippies right now. Etude House Sweet Recipe Dear My Jelly Lips in JOR203 and Baby Lips in Pink Lolita! Love Love Love these two together..

and last but certainly not least a hair bow.. because i love bows and.. they're adorable?.. actually i think i wore few weeks back and forgot to take it out..

so this concludes all the things that are in my bag! pretty boring huh.. you should see what's in my school bag.. THAT will be so much less entertaining.. hahahahahaha!
but check out what's in Michelle's bag!

Monday, 10 March 2014


Holy cow… it's been so long since i've updated my blog!

i apologise for the absence.. there really is no excuse.. i've neglected writing simply because i've become so engrossed into my korean dramas lately! but.. no fear! i have nailings to show you today!


for this mani i used China Glaze Glistening Snow and Essie Set In Stone

i was finally able to contribute my mani to #anmonday with this Bridal Themed mani too.. highly excitable because i haven't done much nail art lately either..

everything's the same.. house still in't finished.. it's been months now and we're just so over it.. there was just so much painting and sanding and patching to do.. i once looked forward to weekends where i could spend time with the penis.. but now i get anxious over whether or not we have to go and slave over the house again.. hahaha i know it sounds really awful and i'm probably being super melodramatic about it.. but it's not so bad anymore.. right now all we need is to call in the plumber and electrician.. then once those two are done we can have the flooring done and it'll be people friendly!

Smudged polish had a really good response with the Valentines trio and i am currently working on another collection for easter!

i'll just leave this here…