Thursday, 30 May 2013

jungle fever!

quick mani for the weekend!

for this mani i used Miss Ashleigh The Devil Wears Nada and China Glaze Liquid Leather topped off with Miss Ashleigh Matte Hatter!

now excuse me while i go waste away with korean drama for the rest of the long weekend! currently on Coffee Prince!

--june 20 needs to be here already!

Tuesday, 28 May 2013

here kitty kitty

#nailartmay.. favorite animal

i know i know.. this looks nothing like an animal.. but.. this design is called ikat.. and this is my rendition of cat mani.. without being cliche hahaha. to be honest.. i totally cheated for this challenge because my favorite animal is actually a dog.. but in my defence.. i like cats just as much too!

for this manicure i used OPI Dulche de Leche for the base. Sinful Colors Snow Me White. Chinza Glaze Liquid Leather and BYS Matte Blue for the designs.

uni was such a drag today.. days like this i just wish i had already graduated working some mediocre job. everyone around me has either graduated.. working.. engaged... married.. travelling.. babies... and i'm still stuck in limbo.. sometimes i feel like i chose the wrong field.. thinking had i chosen.. business. or finance.. education even.. that i'd already be working and having vacation every other quarter.. but no.. i'm still carrying my DC backpack stuffed with text books and my laptop to school every day. all this reading and hair pulling better be worth it at the end.. cause the rate that i'm going.. i really can't stand people anymore.. and how can i help them if i hate them? hanging in there.. *fighting!*

Saturday, 25 May 2013

mellow yellow

#nailartmay yellow...

for this manicure i used Sinful Colors Unicorn and Orange Cream and Portmans Cherry for the gradient.
originally i was going to do a sort of sunset background of the beach.. but i obviously got lazy and gave up after the gradient.. so lazy today.. even though the day has only started all i want to do is sleep and waste away watching korean dramas.. currently watching Flower Boy Next Door

very cute so far.. and i'm dying for the main character to get with the guy on the right hahaha. i burned through You're Beautiful and waiting for the next Nail Shop Paris episode... --i mean.. i'm totally studying and.. just taking a quick break is all.. hahaha.

Thursday, 23 May 2013

tuplet nails!

i spot you some dots...!

this mani is for my tuplets.. i'll admit.. i'm not a huge fan of these suckers.. primarily because i hate dotticures but for whatever reason this sucker hit 312 likes on instagram!!! and that's my most ever! 
for this manicure i used Sinful Colors Snow Me White for the base. BYS Matte Blue, Matte Purple. Sinful Colors Unicorn, Orange Cream Portmans Cherry and Scandal Bikini Green for the dots.

last day of uni for the week..! going to vege for the rest of the day and waste away to more korean drama!

Wednesday, 22 May 2013

pretty flowers for a pretty girl

todays mani..

these are for my nanna's. Nanna Bernadette and Nanna Tammy

for this manii i used Miss Ashleigh's The Devil Wears Nada. Sinful Colors Snow Me White, Sweet Tooth, Candy Coated. Unicorn and BYS Roller Coaster.

i recently picked up watching korean dramas.. and i shamefully admit that i'm really hooked on them now hahaha. i'm currently watching You're Beautiful and Nail Shop Paris (starring Cheondung *swoons*) the characters are absolutely beautiful. both the males and females.

Nail Shop Paris

You're Beautiful

guess this is my way of escaping reality now.. watching other people fall in love cause mine is 4000km away.. only one month left and i'm very anxious. but i still have a million things to do before my trip comes... studying. assessments. exams. packing... the list is endless. but.. hanging in there! *fighting!*

Tuesday, 21 May 2013

colored leopard

todays mani is for the lovely @jennibertt

for this manicure i used Sinful Colors Unicorn. Sugar Rush and Sweet Nothing.

i really like how these turned out.. but with the cold weather and my lack of nail care maintenance.. my nails snapped so i had to saw them down even more than they already were..
although.. typing is awesome with short nails.. my fingers are literally sliding all over my keyboard.

no.. back to pretending to study/watching Cheondung


he's just so pretty

Monday, 20 May 2013

the return of the asian

i'm back!

so much has happened since i wrote last. and i apologise for my lack of updates. there really is no excuse.. most haven't had the motivation to put thought into words and more so i was trying to keep myself together with everything going on lately... but before i get into it.. i'm going to share my.. nails of the day that i did with my tuplets!

todays theme was strawberries for #nailartmay and instead of doing the usual whole nail strawberry we opted for something a little different and this was the end result!

for the base i used Sally Hansen Jaded. for the strawberries i used Portmans Cherry. Sinful Colors Unicorn and BYS Roller Coaster. and for the flowers Sinful Colors Easy Going and Unicorn.
i don't think i did too shabby having been out of commission for a week...

we got into another domestic over the weekend. but this time no shouting or exchange of hurt words.. more so.. sharing of feelings. he spent sunday morning looking at houses with his parents but they were either out of reach or not very great.. i didn't speak till mid sunday afternoon and that was when i poured my guts out to him. it's very difficult to convey emotions through the phone but i said what i had to say and just thanked cupid for allowing him to understand and not become defensive. at this point i'm blaming the fights on the distance. once i see him come end of june.. i really do hope things will become much happier and easier.. we'd immediately start brewing the potions and getting my nailings venture going. he'll continue to look for a place for the both of us and when i move over at the end of year we can finally start out lives together loving one another and not tearing each other a new ass hole every other day.

i haven't heard back from the hospital yet.. but i wasn't expecting anything till mid next week anyway. i'm sure it's nothing. the pain is gone.. usually only comes when i'm on my menstrual cycle anyway. on top of the fact that i am about 3 weeks away from exams and still 2 papers due with lots of studying.
and they say student life is nothing but drunken lesban orgies.. pssch..

Thursday, 16 May 2013

bring it.

DMT post today. no nailings... you've been warned.

--things have been getting worse these past couple of weeks. if we don't fight at least every week... it's every few days. i don't know what it is.. such small small things.. escalated and end up hurting one another. is it just us? does anyone else go through any of this?
i understand that it's difficult being in a long distance relationship.. for one the lack of intimacy is very trying on the relationship.. and whenever we get into these fights.. it's so difficult to make up. even though we've stopped arguing... we end up feeling insecure and unloved.. something as simple as a hug or holding that person can help alleviate that hurt.. but.. it's simply impossible for us.
when he comes home after a long day at work.. he just wants to mellow and do nothing. which is understandable.. but i've been pulling my hair out at uni all day and straining my brain doing all the readings and assessments soon as i get home.. i want to.. hang out i want to do things with him. (which sounds really silly because.. what are our options really...) he calls me everyday on his way home from work.. usually telling me about his day and vice versa. then when he gets home.. plop* he just mellows out in bed for a little while i'm on the phone.. and then he has to shower and have dinner.. which is basically my bed time already... you'd think after 2 years that we should be used to it by now.. not so much.. almost feels worse because we've spent so much time apart.. i'm not sure we remember what it was like when we were together anymore.
we've almost called it quits a few times now with all the arguments and bickering.. do we stay and try to work at it.. or cut our losses and try to find happiness else where...

heh.. the dress i'll never wear.. guess since the date is undetermined now.. and i won't be wearing it anymore.. it won't be bad luck?
she's still sitting at a friends house.. locked inside the cupboard collecting dust. sounds awful but i spoke to her about getting rid of it.. might as well blow the money on something else rather than keeping it with no purpose..

(kind of struggling to find words to finish this post after seeing those pictures..)

i was in the hospital for most of the day yesterday. severe abdominal cramps... i usually get cramps whenever i'm on my menstrual cycle.. but yesterday was just unbearable. my dad took me to Liverpool hospital where i proceeded to wait 2 hours for an ultrasound because i was classified as not serious and on medicare.. (go figure) turns out i have chocolate cysts on my uterus. (yay me) which usually aren't that bad and can be treated with ibuprofen or a heat pad.. but apparently mine were sizeable and because i have a family history of ovarian cancer.. the doctor wanted to draw blood for further tests just to be on the safe side. i was prescribed fancy panadol and told to go home and wait for the results in a few weeks. so.. on top of my exams coming up.. my couple thousand word assessments due. fighting with my partner.. i might have cancer.. well whoopty fucking do. what else is new.

i really don't know what's going to happen between him and i.. i just hope things will pan out smoothly until i move over there.. and hopefully the bickering will subside.. because.. it's not always like this.  and i really do hope for us to be happy. together. i refuse to believe we went through all of this for nothing. as for the chocolates.. no point worrying about something you're not sure is going to happen. but don't get me wrong.. i'm pretty freaked out. can't tell if i'm in denial or just hasn't sunk in... or probably a little loopy from the pain med the doctor gave me. whatever the case.. my nails chipped just this morning from the microwave when i went to microwave my heat pad for my tummy... so the torture begins...

Monday, 13 May 2013

monday blues.. or red...?

hell week 1.

i've been challenged by the other half to a.. #oneweekmanichallenge .
its been weeks since i've had a polish hit.. since starting the business, buying all the supplies and other random expenses we're in a strap for cash.. AND i'm really supposed to be studying.. not inhaling polish fumes.. so.. he thought it was a genius idea to challenge me to keep one mani on for a whole week. regardless of chipping scratching or whatever have you.. and being me.. accepted said challenge.. simply because i never back down from a challenge.. and the possibility of a new polish haul lingers at the end of the tunnel!

one whole week.. what to choose...

none other than the most glorious Fatal Attraction from Femme Fatale Cosmetics!
this is 3 greedy coats topped off with Sally Hansen Insta-Dri. i die.

well then... we'll see how we go!

--oh and.. i got accepted into the Aussie Nails posse.. who would have thunk right?!
all thanks to Nanna T really i'm sure if she hadn't referred me or nagged the admins.. i wouldn't have gotten in. wonder if the rest of them will like me.. *nervous*

Sunday, 12 May 2013

sprinkle on some sparkle

Sunday mums day...

my day consisted of... church, little brunch with the mumsie, a futile attempt at studying --meaning painting my nails in between and finally a movie date with the other half.

this manicure was inspired by the mom.. i asked her what color she liked.. and she said she felt like blue today so...

taadaa* my very first reverse glitter gradient!

for this manicure i used Sinful Colors Sugar Rush for the base and OPI Last Friday Night for the gradient. doesn't look too awful if i do say so myself...!

this is my last day of bullshitting around.. starting monday i'm going to have to force myself to get my shit together and do my 8000 word paper and 2 other assessments on top of studying for my finals coming up in exactly a month from today.
i can't tell if it's stress from uni or anxiety with the partner.. probably a combination of the two.. but haven't been feeling so great these past couple of days.. i don't know.. one of those.. i don't feel so pretty today and just everything around me doesn't hold its appeal anymore. meh. i don't know.. hopefully it passes soon... plus i need to get to bed.. have to be up at the butt crack of dawn for my mission trip to uni in the morning...

hopefully everyone had a wonderful and safe weekend and to all the mothers our there a very happy Mother's Day!

Saturday, 11 May 2013

bestie tuplet nails

oh weekend is here.. what is there to do..

study... nails.. study... nails.. failed movie date.

nails with my tuplets!

only 4 of us were able to do this bad boy this time. but it was still a lot of fun none the less.

for the gradient i used Sinful Colors Unicorn and Orange Cream

and for the hearts i used China Glaze Liquid Leather and Portmans Cherry

i've been in a long distance relationship with my other half for about 32 months now and out of those months we've only been together in the same room for about 6. seeing as i can only see him if either one of us visits during my uni break.
being in a long distance relationship really limits what we can and can't do together on top of the time difference. so we're reduced to phone calls or skype dates every so often. today was supposed to be movie day. we both downloaded Troy and were going to waste away the day watching a movie and just being around one another. to our dismay his aunt came over for lunch and needed him to help her with her iPad... ended up taking the whole day..
date ruined. and of course not understanding one another... he thought i was angry that he had to help his aunt so he got angry with me and i got angry with him that i was just sad our date was ruined. when will it get better...?

Friday, 10 May 2013

sugar and bones

just for funsies friday mani...

Sugar Skulls mani!

i used Sinful Colors Snow Me White for the base. Then BYS Matte Blue. Matte Pink. Matte Orange. Sinful Colors Unicorn. China Glaze Liquid Leather. topped off with Miss Ashleigh Matte Hatter.

was surprisingly really fun to do.. although it took some time.. great to do while catching up on Grey's Anatomy :D

hope everyone has a lovely weekend!

Wednesday, 8 May 2013

tuplet nails!

todays tuplet nails was striping tape!

unfortunately only 4 of us were able to do this one.. and might i say.. this too was a nightmare to do.. as simple as it looks.. it's the tiny tiny tape that was so tedious to deal with.. making sure you placed it correctly so that it didn't lean too far to one side and making sure they were at least similar to one another on top of the fact that you had to remove it as soon as you finished painting per finger so that it didn't tear the polish. regardless. it's done and i think they look quite fabulous next to each other.

for this manicure i used Miss Ashleigh The Devil Wears Nada as gifted to me by the most endearing Lynz and OPI DS Tapestry

Monday, 6 May 2013

the sixtuplets

introducing the sextuplets....!






and yours truly...

this crazy lot have been my main squeeze for the past couple of months canoodling over instagram and sexting throughout the day. they're all great women and we were brought together over nailings and quirky personalities.

looking forward to more ridiculous conversations and nail dates :)


for this manicure i used Sinful Colors Out Of This World. Sugar Rush and Sweet Nothing.

Sunday, 5 May 2013

bestie twin nails

twin nails with the awesome Belinda

this week she chose the mani and of all.. she picks stained glass..

this was such a mission to do.. so tedious and time consuming. i did it while watching The Walking Dead with the other half.. but man.. least i can say i tried haha

for this manicure i used. Sinful Colors Snow Me White for the base. then Sinful Colors Unicorn. BYS Matte Blue. Matte Pink and Rhapsody for the colored glass and lined with China Glaze Liquid Leather.

Saturday, 4 May 2013

May the fourth be with you

Star Wars theme for #nailartmay

Sad Storm Troopers hahahhaha!

for this manicure i used Sinful Colors Snow Me White and China Glaze Liquid Leather

Friday, 3 May 2013

kill or be killed.

uninspired gradient tonight...

for this manicure i used Sinful Colors Snow Me White for the base.. then sponged on Sweet Nothing, Cotton Candy, Candy Coated and Orange Cream for the gradient.

Thursday, 2 May 2013


so.. after our first collaboration we decided to do another one just for funsies...

this one was a lot more coordinated and thought out. i chose the mani this time.. gold and green gradient with leopard print!

i don't think it turned out so bad..!

for this manicure i used Missha BE02 and KH02. China Glaze Liquid Leather. OPI Extra-va-vaganza!

Wednesday, 1 May 2013


pretty exciting post for me today.. something absolutely amazing and generous came in my mailbox..

my very own random act of polish kindness from Bernadette
i still remember the first time i had started talking to her and Tammy through instagram. cracking sarcastic jokes about nails and asians.. after a few weeks of instagram stalking.. comments and likes.. i had seen a post about the Sinful Colors Sugar Rush collection and being devastated over the fact that it's almost damn near impossible to get nice nail polish in this shit hole without having to pay an arm and a leg.. on top of the fact that they're just not available.. ANYWAYS.. moments later Mrs B messages me through kik and literally tells me to give her my address because she has an extra set to giveaway.. not going to lie i thought she was just pulling my leg in the beginning.. but after about 2 hours of freaking out and being.. non-believing i finally calmed my panties and let it sink in. and TAADAA* this is what happened!

--still in a bit os shock whenever i look at them.. still can't believe they're here

speaking of kik and instagram.. i've been.. idk i guess building relationships with a few people through it.. just the daily comments and frequent jokes and have made a couple really great friends...! a handful of us have gotten together and did a.. #bestiesixtupletsnails challenge...!

introducing.. from top to bottom. left to right.
- Bianca @tinkybell_nails
Caitlyn @icebubbleteanails
Lynz @hammerednails
- Jenn @jennacide77
- myself @mulanpoopy
- Naomi @nailsbynaomi

it was a very fun and interesting experience trying to coordinate 6 people in 6 different locations to collaborate and agree on a mani to do.. we had all agreed to do a May nail art challenge and the first challenge was flowers. so this is what we all came up with.. not exactly identical.. but hey.. sisters from different misters :)

For this manicure i used OPI Dulce de Leche for the base and Sally Hansen Jaded. Sinfulcolors Cotton Candy. Unicorn. Sugar Rush and Sweet Tooth.

very much looking forward to more nail dates with them ♥