Sunday, 4 May 2014


from one Star Wars geek to another… Happy Star Wars Day!

for this mani i used Ulta3 Lily White and Black Satin

Originally i was going to do a full mani of Storm Troopers but i just couldn't get them to look the same and it drove me mental so i opted for just one sad trooper

went to uni today to register for second semester.. so glad everything's going smoothly. now all i need is a part time job and everything will be glorious! *fighting!*

Friday, 2 May 2014

Taste of Perth Date

Today the penis took me on a surprise date to Taste of Perth and it was absolutely AWESOME!

We got to Langley Park at around 1 because we got "Called to Duty" playing with a few old friends from the States, no lines, walked straight in bought some "Crowns" which were essentially just the money they used for the event and went on a food and wine tasting spree!

Events included cooking classes, cocktail mixing classes, live musicians and the endless tastings!

First stop… the Rekorderlig bar!

Wearing an OPI I Sing In Color and Hey Baby gradient with a In True Stefani Fashion accent plus some rhinestones i got from BornPrettyStore

With a drink in hand we ventured off to the numerous exhibitors and tasted cheeses, oils, breads, dips, and wines. Once we had the nibbles and seen what there was to offer.. we decided on..

Beef Cheeks with tomato chutney and saltbush from Greenhouse Perth

Pork Cutlets from Bistro Guillaume

Pork Cheek and Fresh Oysters from Print Hall Dining Room

(of course the oysters with hot sauce added were mine =P)

Rekorderlig was holding a promotion where if you bought 4 drinks, you get a free show bag that includes a bottle of cider and a Rekorderlig mug… GUESS WHO CHUGGED 2 bottles of cider each just to get a free mug.. because there was only a few minutes left before all alcohol was not going to be served anymore… AND I WANTED MY MUG!

Spoils of the day.. I think the lady found the penis and i hilarious trying to finish our drinks so she packed an extra probably because she felt sorry for us.. doing ridiculous things for the sake of a mug that you could probably buy for a few dollars at some shop that holds Rekorderlig. 
As for the pickled onions.. we had 5 "crowns" left and it was the most memorable "free tasting" we had so we grabbed a jar to take home. 

All in all a fantastic day, great weather, great foods and awesome company.

Thursday, 1 May 2014


finally got to wear my new leggings today!

so much shiny *swoons*

and of course… #mynailsmynylons

pretty uneventful day today.. sent off my first orders today sending my Smudged babies to their forever homes *tears*

probably go off and paint my nails for Taste Of Perth tomorrow!!!