Monday, 29 July 2013

120 days of pear

introducing a side blog...

because i was a tool bag and completely forgot to take my pear home.. (believe me i'm absolutely devastated about this.. i mean. seriously.. who forgets to wear their engagement ring let alone leave it behind ==")

anyway.. so remedy my devastation.. the other half came up with a challenge.. where he sent me a picture of her everyday and send it to me.. till i see him for a friends wedding in october in Singapore (yes.. the dreaded singapore.. refer back to the SG drama.. but i'll have to face my fears at some point and move on.. he said we have to create new happier memories so that i can not relate it to past memories and move forward together) so.. along with my posts of nailings and the occasional foodventure or daily rants.. i'll be including a side post of the other half's 120 pear photo a day challenge :)

DAY 1:

pear with mon-key :P

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