Wednesday, 27 June 2012

date night

back in Perth to visit le boy!

KoKo Black

in honesty.. before coming here he was hyping up this place to be amazing. even his brother was commenting on how chocolately their hot chocolate was. and being chocolate drunk after drinking it. (i didn't really care for it)

really friendly service and.. nice atmosphere. but the desserts were heavily overpriced. le boy had chocolate moose, which was really nice. but my fudge brownie was such a fail. tasted old and soggy.

--hahaha something that made me giggle throughout the night was.. there was these two men sitting next to us. both asian. probably in their mid twenties. they had a small plate of chocolate they were sharing with each other and 2 beverages. they seemed very content and were laughing and sharing stories with one another. (probably on their man date) hahahahhaa but. it was very cute to see :)