Friday, 29 June 2012

pear hunting! :D

we spent the entire day roaming malls and jewellery stores in perth city, looking for my pear.

they were either unavailable, or incredibly unnecessarily expensive. i started to feel disheartened until we found a place called, Perth Diamond Exchage   in London Court.

peter was incredibly helpful and friendly. he answered all our questions and didn't try to create a false sense of security then try to take advantage of us. but most importantly, he wasn't condescending or asked me if i was pregnant. (we had a few not so nice jewellers look us up and down and before even asking me what i was looking for looked at jonno and asked him what the budget was. rude)

i explained to him what i wanted, and he said he could easily order the stone then have it set for me, although it might take a couple of weeks depending availability of the diamond i wanted. then, low and behold. he remembered that he had one stashed away. he brought the ring out and told me to try it on, my hands were shaking so much i could barely hold it. jonno was sitting on the chair beside me giggling at my hysteria.

jonno and peter started to whisper to each other while i was engrossed into my pear. i assume it was a really great deal because jonno had agreed and put down the deposit.

now i'm just waiting for the turd bag to ask me. xD