Saturday, 18 August 2012

turkish delight

had lunch at Sahara today with the other half. it was absolutely delicious. he had the lamb cutlets, with buttered mash potatoes and a selection of roasted vegetables. i had the mediterranean salad with lamb.

AND they do functions too! ;)

on the way to the mall we walked past a bridal store called Luv Bridal and Formal wear. i asked him if he felt like dress shopping for fun (most people depending on their beliefs and superstitions think that it's bad luck for the groom to see the bride in the wedding dress before the day, i don't believe per se, but i don't want to risk it either), but we went up to the store anyways and a lovely lady by the name of Heidi came up to ask me if i needed any help etc. i told her i was looking for a wedding dress, and although i ordered one online, i wasn't sure of what it was like because i hadn't received it yet and was worried that if it was a fail, that i could get another one in case. she was absolutely amazing, extremely friendly and so helpful. she told me to roam around and get a feel of what dresses i liked and that i could go try them on, and she had picked out a couple too. (hahaha mister jonno was surprisingly very enthusiastic and willing to participate with the whole ridiculousness. loves him)

i tried on, an A-line dress, mermaid, column and princess dress just for kicks.

mermaid: too hard to walk in

column: no shape

princess: way too overbearing (think of Cinderella's step sisters going to the ball, and their butts bounced as they walked.. except in white)

strapless A-line chiffon dress *winner winner chicken dinner* it was almost exactly like the dress i had bought online except, chiffon which was perfect for the beach ceremony and it was reasonably priced too!!!

but of course.. knowing my luck.. they didn't have my size available and that i had to order it, which would take about 6 months to arrive. which if you think about it would come just on time, except for the fact that i'll be in perth come november and won't be able to pick it up etc. so.. i'm back to winging it with my dress i bought online.