Monday, 17 December 2012

Butter to my bread

Butter London Fishwife swatched with Australis Speck-tacular

the picture doesn't do either polish any justice.. i wish i could share the holographic glitters more.. (i guess it's about time i invested time in figuring out how to use the boys DSLR camera ==") but this has got to be one of my most favourite polishes ever.

waiting for it to dry was a nightmare... because i went a little crazy with the holographic glitter top coat.. i had to sit around for about an hour and literally watch paint dry... and of course.. as per usual.. i need to go to the bathroom minutes after i'm done polishing... WHY DOES THIS ALWAYS HAPPEN! so i ended up smudging it and had to redo them...


  1. OMG I SO LOVE THIS! Did you just use one nail polish? Or did you use more than one? :) By the way I hope youc an check my blog back ;) <3

    NEW POST UP: Interview with an Artist friend!


    1. thank you so much for noticing Shahara!

      this is actually 2 polishes :)

      will do! i'm sorry i haven't been very responsive