Friday, 28 December 2012

my christmas weekend

long over due post... but i hope everyone had an awesome christmas holiday!

my christmas haul..

--strangely enough i'm very excited for the Elmer's glue and magic tape... apparently using Elmer's glue for a base coat then applying glitter polish is the way to go now.. because when you want to remove the polish.. you literally just peel it off.. as opposed to soaking your nails using the foil method.. or going through hundreds of cotton buds trying to remove all the glitter off of your nails. and as for the magic tape.. it makes cleaning  up marbling much easier :)

2 shirts from Just Jeans from the boys mother. pink nano ipod. magic tape. Elmer's glue and tea mug with chocolates from the boy. and OPI dutch treats from the boys brother :D

my christmas day nails... using my new OPI nail set.. Kiss My Tulips and I Have A Herring Problem

Boxing day shopping!

--for 6 hours of shopping with massive lines and people everywhere.. i don't think i did too much damage hahaha. mad masks. Burt's Bees miracle salve (this was almost impossible to find. the boy foind it in David Jones and surprised me with it) Japanese Cherry Blossom shower pack from the Body Shop. fruit scented candle. i'm not sure what we were thinking when we bought the Nerf guns.. hahaha and a key necklace from the boy ^_^

lunch at iKEA. swedish meatballs with jam and gravy

one of the best christmases i've ever had. and i was blessed to have spent it with such loving people. even though it was hotter than the devils ass hole.. i couldn't have asked for anything more.. well... maybe some femmefatale indie polishes ;P

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