Sunday, 2 June 2013

where did the weekend go?!

hello again! i hope everyone is having or had an awesome weekend!
raining and cold here this weekend... =="

i spent the entire weekend watching movies with the other half (which means streaming movies at the same time while being on Skype) --yes yes.. i'm supposed to be studying.. but i literally can't be bothered for anything.. even my nail painting has been cut down! i mean.. it's mostly because i don't have anything new to play with.. --mind you its been over a month since i got new nail polish.. but i just don't have the motivation for nailart lately.. if the tuplets don't suggest doing any nailings.. i literally struggle to find inspiration for nailart. on top of the fact that so many indies are coming out with new collections and all i can do is admire from afar.. ugh.. freaking no buy bullshit. going through severe withdrawal.. AND.. my goodness.. ever since i was admitted to the aussie nails posse... i've been introduced to so many aussie indies.. who freaken knew there were so many out there now! when i had the idea to start my own.. i only knew of 5 others.. now i can't count with my hands on how many there are! having mad anxiety worrying over if once i get my shit out there if it'll be any good.. i mean.. i'm really not artistically inclined like the many other awesome ladies whom have their own line.. ugh.. guess all i can do is just... do my own thing. and if people think it's good then they'll buy.. and not worry so much about how epic the others are... *fighting!*
still haven't had any luck finding a label supply.. let alone ordering my labels.. but the other half said it's better to just print our own if i planned on keeping this business going.. which i do.. but in reality.. it all depends on how well i do in the opening.. but i really do want this to be permanent. gah.. so much pressure... so.. he's on the hunt for a printer and labels.

teeheehee... still squishing a couple episodes of korean drama in when the other half isn't awake yet or having dinner.. but i'm currently watching a japanese drama.. Yamato Nadeshiko Shichi Henge based off the manga The Wallflower. It's about 4 beautiful guys who are trying to make a "lady" out of a girl who's socially awkward and emo.. will fill you in on how it turns out once i'm done! though.. i'll probably burn through the rest of it tonight before uni tomorrow hahaha!

oh and my last #nailartmay pastels

for this mani i used Sinful Colors Sweet Nothing and The Nail Junkie topped off with Miss Ashleigh Matte Hatter.
to be honest i kind of bullshitted this gradient.. for the sake of having some color on my nails and to complete the challenge. but i'm still brain farting on nail ideas..

things have been really great with him this week.. (thank goodness) just wasting away talking about nonsense and making small plans here and there for when i get there.. *sighs* i miss him very much and just look forward to seeing him again.

ok... time to pretend to study for a few hours before our last movie date tonight!

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