Thursday, 13 June 2013

would you like a cuppa tea?

exam number one today. and to my dismay.. aunt flow came to visit mid exam.. fortunately this morning before i had left for school i was starting to feel funny and i knew she would be here soon so i wore a lady diaper just in case.. and thank fcuk i did. the exam took over 2 hours and mind you i was one of the first to finish! my exam time table said 4hours.. but i thought that was a typo.. thinking how could an exam possibly be for that long?! yeah no.. that was rape. but it's over now... and had high tea with one of my tuplets at The Tea Cosy in Circular Quay as a treat.

and may i say.. the tea mittens are absolutely adorable!

everything was delicious. i wish i could eat more but after my scone and a half i was struggling so much... i didn't want to leave it to get cold and eat the sandwiches first.. but i ended up eating only half of everything. i was so full. on top of the fact that i was cramping like a bitch and a half. we just stuffed our faces complaining about uni and swooning over polishes we want but can't have.

now.. back to pretending to study and try not hard enough to not watch korean drama hahahaha. exactly one week till i leave!

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