Monday, 13 January 2014

mulanpoopy's cuticle and hand care

So… about a week ago.. Nicki from Celestial Cosmetics sent me some cuticle oil to review, and since then i've been using it every night before bed and in between my power hour manis.. figured i'd do a mulanpoopy's hand care blog post while i was at it.

to be honest.. for the most part i fortunately have pretty decent cuticles.. they don't grow by the pounds and they're reasonably hydrated even without products, but after i was introduced to skin care from a group of women whom are also nail enthusiasts.. my whole hand life has been changed.

these three products are now my go to for hand jizz. pictured from left to right is L'Occitane Creme Mains Peaux Seches Dry Skin Hand Cream, Lush Fresh Handmade Cosmetics Lemony Flutter and Celestial Cosmetics Eclipse Cuticle Oil.

every night before bed is the best time to give your hands some TLC. mostly because you don't go touching every thing you see after you've lathered your hands in oils. i remember the first time i started this routine.. i did it mid afternoon because that was when i received my package.. then i thought it was a good idea to go read a book.. yeah.. not so smart on my part.. but thank goodness i have since learned! usually my nails would have polish on them.. but every now and then i like to give them a breather and this is when i do this the most.. but it works just as awesome even if you have polish on! my routine would be a drop of Nicki's Eclipse Cuticle Oil on each finger concentrating on the cuticles obviously.. and lightly rub into each finger. i found that the cuticle oil is so light and refreshing and has a really fruity scent! then i get the ever so epic Lush Cosmetics Lemony Flutter and rub this all over my hands and into my cuticles letting my hands swim in the two products. remember. a little goes a long long way! then i literally just sit with my palms on my knees while watching tv to let it percolate and then i go to bed! it might seem greasy but have no fear! even if you happen to rub it on your blankie or bed sheets.. it doesn't leave oily marks. it's just sweet smelling ultimate hand hydrating awesomeness!

and for when i know i'm going to be touching all the things.. but my hands feel a little dry.. i use the Creme Mains Peaux Sexhes from L'Occitane.
i was introduced to L'Occitance by one of my best friends who has eczema and because she had problem skin it was very difficult for her to find a moisturising cream that helped soothe her eczema and dry skin till she found the Creme Mains Peaux Seches and she swears by it being her miracle hand cream, so i thought i'd give it a go. to be honest.. in the beginning having not really needed it.. i couldn't explain paying 40 bucks for hand cream.. till i tried it at the store.. and i've never looked back. they also come in a carry friendly small tube of 30ml. a pea size amount on the palm of your hand is all you need for the both of your hands and it has a light scent, nothing heavy or suffocating.

you could get away with only one or two of these products.. but seriously.. Eclipse and Lemony Flutter together is going to change your life!

Nicki's Cuticle Oil can be found here !
Lush Cosmetics Lemony Flutter can be found here or at your nearest Lush Cosmetics Store
L'Occitane Creme Mains Peaux Seches Dry Skin Hand Cream can be found here !

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