Thursday, 2 January 2014

first post of 2014

wow.. where do i begin…

2013 has been an interesting year to say the least.. but lets be honest.. we say that every year…every time a year ends we sit and reflect on the things that  happened.. things that should have happened.. things we wish had happened.. and things we wish hadn't happened.. then we start to set up unrealistic goals that we want to achieve in the year that's to come… when deep down inside we know that it probably won't happen because we'll keep procrastinating.
for example.. there are many days in a year when i happen just not eat meat that whole day.. but for whatever reason.. whenever Lent rolls around.. and i have to fast every friday till Easter.. not eating meat seems to become SUCH a challenge.. and everywhere i go for that whole day all i can think about is all the meats i want to eat… so i've found that instead of telling myself i'm going to do something.. i'm just going to do it. just like all those times i've told myself i'm not going to buy polish for a period of time.. i end up seeing all the sales or swatches of awesome polishes and i cave. whereas i just actively don't buy anything… i'm fine. it's so weird.. goes to show everyones brains works in strange ways.

i brought in the New Year with the penis and his friends.. the regional plan was to go to his mates house.. have a small bbq and pre game.. then head out to the city.. yeah.. i didn't even make it to the countdown.. my last memory of being conscious was around 10pm when my friend had messaged me and i sent her a picture of myself with a girl who ad happened to be sitting next to me at the time..
it's not like i even had that much to drink! but because we played Kings (known as circle of death in Australia) i absolutely died. --and here i am always complaining about not being able to go out.. and missing all my partying days.. when i can't even stay up past 1030pm..

this was my New Year mani. OPI - Red My Fortune Cookie. China Glaze - Glistening Snow and some nail studs i bought from Born Pretty Store

i'm not sure if you can tell.. but i obviously didn't have much to eat.. and i had Rekorderlig mixed with some Vodka… Champagne… wine and a small cup of punch.. i was in for a rude slap.. but of course everything seemed like a good idea at the time because i was being excitable.

this is the only picture i have from that night.. and i don't even have one with the penis.. yes.. i know.. i should be shot.

i'm pretty sure i passed out a smidgen after this photo was taken.. i just went to the bathroom and threw up my brains.. the penis was very sweet and tended to me.. when i ended up on the couch.. i kept gesturing for him to go join the party.. because i thought that i could just rest a little then pick up where i left off.. turns out i passed out.. and when i heard people shouting Happy New Year.. i woke up and moved my arm to find him.. but he wasn't next to me.. minutes later when he came back.. i threw a sad because he didn't stay with me for the countdown.. hahahahaha. he got upset thinking.. i told him to go.. and when he went.. i got upset.. i remember crying about coming all the way here from Sydney and that he didn't even care… (i found out later on that he had only left me for a few minutes to go and light sparklers.. and by the time everyone had realised they had missed the countdown.. he came back.. and that was just as i came to…) then i passed out till the next morning and woke up to find him sleeping next to me on the couch. yeah.. not my most attractive moment i'll admit. i spent the entire next day a nauseous blob. he was very sweet and made me tea.. which i threw up so graciously.. and we decided to go home since i had nothing left in my tummy.. and let me tell you.. when you're hungover and sick.. it feels like you can feel every single rock you drive over on the road.. it was awful. we finally made it home and i just blobbed for the rest of the day…

this is why i'm writing this post on the second.. i am finally hangover free… but i still feel a little squirmish when i see or hear alcohol…

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