Monday, 28 April 2014

NYLON… nylon everywhere

Got my first Nylons from Living Dead Clothing today and i am highly excitable!

I ordered these babies last Monday and because of the Easter long weekend they didn't come until today BUT I AM SO EXCITABLE!!! --the penis isn't very happy about my sudden interest in nylons.. they're not exactly cheap in price.. and he's a little buggered about his CC bill xD

pictures to come soon..! ;)

--I've been working on preorders of new Smudged shades and i managed to sprain my shoulder or arm.. somehow.. guess i over did it with all the mixing and shaking. my whole right arm aches from my wrist all the way up to the back of my shoulder. I thought using a heat pack would alleviate the pain.. which it did with burning.. but then my skin mottled.. (masochism at its finest.. fighting pain with fire)

LET THIS BE A WARNING TO EVERYONE WHO USES MICORWAVABLE HEAT PACKS. DO NOT HAVE IT TOO HOT ON YOUR SKIN! This is what may happen to your skin! It actually looks a lot more awful than it feels.. i mean my ache is still there but the actual skin itself isn't in pain or anything.. it just looks awful. (hey there's a heart! a heat heart!)

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