Sunday, 13 January 2013

food and nails.. those are a few of my favorite things...

nails of the day :)

i used Smooth Sailing by Essie and Out Of This World by SinfulColors

Kaylen's 3rd Birthday :D

hahahaha.. this was the best picture i could take of her... if her face was pointed at the camera.. her eyes would be else where.. or her hands or body were moving..  such a fidgter

and her adorable baby brother Kegan

(i don't know what's with parents and naming their kids something-gan lately.. whether it be Hayden, Kegan, Tayden, Aeden, etc...)

--i thought we were going to be at the party forever.. we were there from 1030 in the morning and didn't get home till about 1600... kids were running around screaming their heads off playing in the play pen.. and the crowd was needless to say all married with children.. absolutely no eye candy.. (hahahaha there wasn't even a single mom there)

i finally got to use my new BRTC BBcream! i absolutely loved the texture it gave my face.. only thing is.. it's a very light shade for my skin during the summer.. needless to say i am very glad i bought this and will be using it for a while to come.

family dinner at Nine Fine Food :P


Pork Belly

Lamb and Scollop

Agadashi Fish



Confit Duck



Green Tea Creme Brûlée

Black Sesame Gelato

hope everyone had an epic weekend!

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