Tuesday, 8 January 2013

i want to look like the pretty girl in the magazine

another scorcher 42 degrees today.. spent the entire morning making cantaloupe ice cream and baking a manhattan cheesecake for Jin's official birthday tomorrow..

thought i'd have some sylvie time and painted my nails seeing as my black gradient nails were already starting to chip.. and seriously.. glitter polish... absolute nightmare to remove... every time i have to go and remove it.. i always tell myself.. never again... yet low and behold.. what do i do the next time i decide to paint my nails?! more glitter...

fortunately not so much this manicure...

--half way through this manicure i was so regretting having not used magic tape for the sides of my fingers realising it'd take a good 10-15 minutes or so just cleaning the sides up.

for this manicure i used.. Lucky Ducky from BYS. Sweetpea from Astralis. Easy Going from SinfulColors and Speck-tacular from Australis for the holographic glitter top coat.

seeing as my first trial of these nailart gems was a fail.. i thought i'd be stubborn and try again.. but something tells me they won't last till my second shower hahahha

after i had finished painting my nails.. i hear a knock on the door...

BEST CARE PACKAGE EVER! my very first nail mail from my dear friend Ely who lives in Atlanta, Georgia! i've been absolutely itching to try out the new polishes i received.. but seeing as i literally JUST finished painting my nails and they've barely dried.. i'm trying to hold out :P

a couple months ago.. i did a post about BBcream.. and i had tried the Garnier BBcream.. when i had first used it.. it looked pretty.. but my skin felt really irritable and itchy afterwards.. someone had told me that it was because my skin was dry.. so try to lather up on moisturiser before applying the BBcream.. i tried this 2 maybe 3 more times.. and it didn't really help my cause and still made my skin feel itchy. not to mention it didn't match my skin tone and ended up making me look like i had a reddish tint on my face... so i did some research and youtube stalking.. and came across a BRTC BBcream.. apparently it's one of the most widely sold BBcreams in korea.. so of course...

woahoo* i'm going to look just like the pretty korean pop girls now! all i need is to cut my eyes... glue me on some fake eye lashes and lose about 20 pounds and i'm straight! hahahaha... obviously need more work than that.. but i'm very excited to try it tonight when i finally get to go on my traditional tight ass tuesdays waffle date night :D


  1. So pretty and spring like! I can't wait for all the new collections. I would love to swap some american polish for australian polish :)

    1. that sounds bloody awesome!

      i can't even begin to tell you how expensive nail polish is here in australia..

      and.. there are lots that we can't even get here either...

      new nail mail buddy?!


    2. I would be down to do some nail mail. I can get OPI, China Glaze, Color Club, and Zoya here for $5-2.75 here! What all is over there besides Ulta3? Can't you guys get ozotic too? I hope shipping isn't crazy expensive

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    1. that you for reading my blog nasim!