Tuesday, 29 January 2013


my very first Femme Fatale Nail Polish! :D

the boy knew that i had been eyeing these bad boys for weeks now. and when they had a reopening sale he surprised me with them. feel very spoilt and... hysterical about trying them!

This one is Gilded Rose. one of three of the Valentines Day collection. 2 dabbed coats swatched over OPI Barefoot In Barcelona. no fishing required for the glitters.. with the exception of the stars. even with one coat it was a glitter bomb.. but for the sake of being over the top with everything ( :P ) i decided to do two.. plus, this way the glitter shows much more

can't wait to share the remaining 5 that i have in the next couple of weeks (if there's anyone reading this at all ♥)

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