Sunday, 31 March 2013

now what?

haven't been on this bad boy for a while.. i guess i'm just avoiding putting thoughts into words.

a lot has happened since my last post, some good and as always some bad.
still having domestic issues but.. it's looking a little less dark because we are realising what the issue is instead of just being stubborn and arguing our point for the sake of being right. but on some better news.. i'm actually starting to make my own indie polish!
we've been talking about it for a while now. especially his mom, she's been pushing for me to do something with my obsession with nail polish and turning it into money.. well.. this is what it's going to be!
he and i have been looking for resources and ideas to make this all happen. it was slow in the beginning but it's starting to pick up now. we've found two suppliers one in which i'm not too happy about simply because their customer service is absolute shocking, but prices are very cheap (not including shipping because they're located in Florida) and another in australia.. which ends up being a little more expensive even with the flat rate shipping. i've been pouring over glitters, tinters and pigments.. which ended up being harder than i had anticipated simply because we had a budget to stick to (what's the point of doing this if we weren't going to make any money out of it) and who knew.. you had to find specific glitters and pigments etc for specific projects? it was a nightmare.. not to mention have it be of good quality and not cost an arm and a leg.. oh and another one was picking a name.. my goodness.. i wanted something that was original.. and also related to me.. sadly enough.. the best thing i could conjure up was "poopy's polish" but.. he said it related too closely to shit.. 'shitty polish' yeah.. that'l be an awesome marketing name.. so back to the drawing board.. i even asked my mom.. she said.. "l'amor" i said it was too.. flamboyant for me.. and didn't relate to me at all... so she suggested "dragon lady" (thanks mom ==")
hopefully everything will work out because this is our first project together.. i'm not going to lie.. we've already had pretty heated arguments while we were planning this business venture.. i mean.. he's providing the capitol.. what happens if it goes south.. or doesn't pick up? i'd have wasted all this time and money for nothing and not to mention add more stress to the relationship (it's not like we need any more than we already do with the distance, my parents, and just our clashing personalities - it's truly a miracle that we're still together)
this will be a part time gig.. obviously only during breaks when i visit  so i can brew the potions. he'll do all the packaging and shipping when i'm not there.. while i'm away i'd conjure up more polish ideas during uni and brew them while i'm there!
and that's pretty much it.. once i have everything smoothed out.. i'd be giving more updates and previews of how things are going!
oh and i've even managed to get back into my nail art for easter yesterday!

for this manicure i used Sally Hansen Jaded for the base. Sinful Colors for the lines and dots. Elainto Dream Purple BYS Pretty As A Peach and Roller Coaster and China Glaze Golden Enchantment for the flowers topped off with the trustee Sally Hansen Quick-Dri top coat :)

with that being said. i hope everyone has a wonderful and safe easter filled with lots of love and chocolate!

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