Thursday, 14 March 2013

ohh dream weaver

first post in Sydney since the beginning of the summer!

my rendition of dream catcher nail art

for this manicure i used Color Club Soft Chiffon and OPI Last Friday Night for the base. Chinza Glaze Liquid Leather BYS Matte Aqua and Matte Pink for the dream catcher.

to be honest.. i'm not too crazy about this manicure.. i just wanted to try it.

--it's been pretty emotional ever since i got back from Perth. can't believe it was 4 months that i spent there literally being a housewife and painting my nails all day. but it was very nice to be able to spend time with the other half. it really gave us a good understanding and insight of what it could possibly be like when we got married. even though the employment part of my summer was a complete and utter fail.. no thanks to Integrity Staffing... overall it was a very enjoyable summer. it was really great to be home with my parents and in my own room again.. was a very huge transition from having all the space and doing whatever you wanted whenever you wanted to having someone around all the time and having to be mindful of what they wanted too. contrary to the reports my mom was giving me about my dad from the daily phone calls... he wasn't as huge as she described him to be. although.. his love handles are pretty intense now hahahhaa. but.... to my dismay... my gaming tv is gone.. i don't know what my dad was thinking but in my absence he thought it was a good idea to give it away.. because he considered it to be too old.. (see.. i wouldn't be so buggered about it if he had given it away and replaced it.. not so much..) i comaplined to him about my missing tv and he said you can go buy one.. ==" overall i;m glad to be home with my parents again. but i do miss my other half dearly. you'd think seeing that our relationship for the most part has been purely long distance that we'd be used to the constant back and forth with the distance... but it doesn't get any easier to have to part.. it just makes us realise how much more we want each other around.. *sighs* but hopefully it won't be for much longer.


  1. Although I'm not a housewife, I know the feeling of suddenly having someone around and not having as much freedom. It's hard to adapt back to it. Oh & I like the China Glaze polish:)
    much love<3

    1. oh gosh. thank you for taking the time to read my blog!

      hahaha.. i'm not technically one either yet.. we just played house the the duration of summer while i was visiting. but.. as much as i make it sound like it was such a wonderful time there.. which it was.. we also got on each others nerves a lot.. having to adjust to each others daily behaviours. wasn't pretty xD