Monday, 30 December 2013

outing with the two brothers

today was an interesting venture.. i spent the day with the penis' brother.. and we went.. SHOPPING..!

for exposure and marketing purposes i wore Smudged Polish - Pituitary Pink =P

we had lunch at Aisuru Sushi in Northbridge.

the sushi was pretty average.. but the salad was amazing.
i'm not very sure i'd go back.. maybe just with the penis so that he can try it too.. but the food overall was pretty average.. and with the price.. it's not a place i'd always go to.

we spent the rest of the day roaming the city looking for work clothes for him until we met up with the penis after he got out of work where we proceeded to roam all the beauty stores in search for.. free samples

hahhahahahaa. it was a pretty fun day. i was kind of surprised he had asked me to go shopping with him and it was just really fun to be able to hang out with all the kids.. especially seeing as the penis and his brother don't ever really do anything together.

i'm pretty stoked with my Lemony Flutter buy though, it's my go to hand and cuticle care for in-between and before manis. the other tubs i managed to get samples of is a body conditioner, clarifying shampoo for blond hair (--no i'm not blond.. i just had light brown highlights that have now turned yellow *sighs*) and hair moisturiser which i'm all very keen to try very soon!

as for all the Aesop samples.. to be honest.. i just got it for the sake of being able to get them.. hahaha the penis' brother came home one day sharing his amazing find.. and they gave him a whole bag of samples to try out.. we only went with him again this time to see if we could get any also. i must say though.. their customer service is impeccable. the lady that served us wasn't pushy and so very helpful, she was very delightful and friendly, so i'll probably give it a try to see what's it's like on my skin so i can go back just to see her!

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