Sunday, 16 March 2014


Today the penis and i went on the mission drive to Mandurah for the Mandurah Crab Fest!
--yes i actually went outside in the sun today for longer than 15 minutes! (if you know me you know that i'm currently obsessed with getting clear white korean looking skin.. hence all the paper masks i've been trying and freaking out each time i'm in direct sunlight)

By the time we got there it was way past lunch time because SOMEBODY decided not to get out of bed till 1130 playing Call of Duty Ghosts.. not pointing any fingers.. but i'm sure we can all guess who it was..

first thing we saw as we walked in was a line for Fresh Oysters.. and i of course jumped in immediately…

about 46 minutes later..

we each had one with vinegar and one with lime juice.. i of course added tabasco to both of mine. it was so sweet and just.. delicious. i could eat about a dozen of them in one sitting by myself.. but by the second one i'd break out into itchy rashes… hahahaha

the next massive line was for fried soft shell crab and paella… but the penis wanted to take a quick look around before deciding on waiting in line for an hour or more for food.. (my theory is.. out of all the stalls set up.. there has to be a reason why THIS one is so much longer than the rest…)
we walked past.. donuts.. churros… hotdogs.. baked potatoes.. thai foods… all things battered, fried and baked.. but.. come on.. were at a crab fest.. we have to have crabs..

battered and deep fried soft shell crab and paella! only about an hour in the sun.. after all the squealing and fussing.. we got our foods!!!
the crab was perfectly cooked.. sweet and flakey on the inside.. crunchy and light batter on the outside.. the paella on the other hand.. was a little.. funny.. they used pasta instead of rice.. which would be fine if it wasn't undercooked.. and it was a little too sour for my taste.

after foods.. we walked around checking out the random stalls and dodged running screaming kids.
oh.. we also saw Kylie and Kelly from My Kitchen Rules! they were doing a cooking performance and made some.. crab dish.. we didn't stay long enough to watch them finish.. i personally can't stand Kelly.. from how she is in the tv show.. i can't stand her.. so i didn't care to stick around.. and.. apparently some old man who attended shared the same view.. because he yelled out "cook the crabs you crab!" hahahahahhahaha! i thought it was absolutely hilarious!

my NOTD was Emily de Molly Fashion Victim and China Glistening Snow

now.. to waste away the night playing COD.. because my punk ass is slightly sunburnt =="
i'm a few shades darker.. but i'm on my third face mask for the night.. bahahahahahahahahahaha*

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