Thursday, 13 March 2014


Greetings readers!

Today i have a "what's in my bag" blog post! I'm sure you've seen a few video blogs on youtube for this tag.. so a few ladies and myself have decided to do a what's in my bag blog post! Hope you enjoy reading this and that it's not too boring!

Coach is my absolutely favourite all time handbag brand and i don't think that will ever change.. the penis bought me this baby about 2 years ago because my old handbag was absolutely shredded.. i mean.. the "leather" interior was starting to ware down so severely that it literally shredded.. and i could peel off the pieces of leather out.. it was pretty sad. but.. no fear.. i now have this precious baby to help me carry all my things around!

First is my sunnies.. these are actually my first ever "nice" sunnies. For the longest time i only ever bought the cheap 10-15 dollar sunnies because i'd somehow always manage to lose them! For whatever reason.. whether i misplace them and forget where i left them last.. or have them stolen.. i don't even know.. i just know that they never fail to go missing if not in a few days.. a few months surely. Or it could be that because i know they're cheap i don't take care of them..? who knows.. but whatever the case.. i now have these Ray Ban's! I got this in a Singapore Sunglasses Hut equivalent.. and who doesn't love Duty Free shopping.. on top of haggling asian shops for cheaper prices muahahahahaha*. My only fuss about these are they're not prescription sunglasses.. and i.. if you don't already know have four eyes. I could wear contacts.. but my eyes dry out so quickly that i'd have to use eye drops constantly.. and who's really bothered to do that every few minutes when they're out.. so i usually change back and forth from sunnies and my prescription glasses if i need to see something.

Of course my wallet.. and of course Coach. Absolutely adore this wallet. Before i purchased this bad boy in Atlantic City i used the cheap random 10-20 dollar wallets and would go through wallets every few months.. (i don't have commitment issues at all…) but i've had this wallet for over 4 years and it's still in excellent condition.

my iPod… because.. i can't live without music.. and yes i am still going through a kpop phase.

my adorable kitty coin purse… because i hate the smell of money and don't want to stretch out my wallet with coins.. (my best friend has the exact same one in purple.. we bought at the same time for my birthday… because i'm lame and like match match things with my favourites.)

hand and nail essentials.. Lush Lemony Flutter cuticle butter and L'Occitane hand cream (a definite must for all you nail enthusiasts or dry hands/eczema sufferers)

my keys! (i love all things keys.. ironic that i only have one key key for the house.. and a bunch of random keys that don't actually work… the angle keyring is also a couple keychain.. the penis has one that saids love on the heart.. yes yes.. i'm totally lame)

small pouch of lady needs.. because mother nature doesn't care that you're out and wearing a skirt.. she comes when she wants to whenever she wants to. (i actually have some advil in there too.. because i get obscene unforgiving cramps whenever she comes.. merciless wench i tell you)


my two current absolute loves in lippies right now. Etude House Sweet Recipe Dear My Jelly Lips in JOR203 and Baby Lips in Pink Lolita! Love Love Love these two together..

and last but certainly not least a hair bow.. because i love bows and.. they're adorable?.. actually i think i wore few weeks back and forgot to take it out..

so this concludes all the things that are in my bag! pretty boring huh.. you should see what's in my school bag.. THAT will be so much less entertaining.. hahahahahaha!
but check out what's in Michelle's bag!

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