Monday, 17 March 2014

lippy problem.. me? no way!

in light of my "what's in my bag" post a few days ago.. today i will be rambling about my lippies!

mind you… these were the ones that were within eyesight in my bag.. or scattered around my room… (as you may or may not have noticed… i am very fond of lip balms)

the first and my absolute favourite at the moment are these Etude House Dear My Jelly Lips in JOR203 and JPK004. I absolutely adore these.. they're actually lip tints and apparently inspired by jelly beans! They taste great.. leave your lips looking like coloured jellies.. just.. amazing! my only suggestion is to make sure you don't have any dry skin on your lips.. so best to exfoliate first or use a lip balm before putting a generous amount on your lips..

speaking of exfoliating.. i recently tried the Lush Bubblegum Lip Scrub after many awesome reviews and suggestions from friends.. can't say i love it per se.. cause it's a little messy with the sugar granules but man does it work wonders for your lips

i'm sure you've seen these suckers around everywhere.. and i'm pretty sure every lip loving woman has at least one of these somewhere in her purse or room! Maybelline Baby Lips! I managed to score these from Priceline during their 40% off all cosmetics sale a few months back. I usually use the Pink Lolita before i smack on my Etude House Jelly Lip

i'm not very sure if there's a shelf life for lip products.. but i've had this for years… though i've only used it a few times… mostly cause i bought this when i was in my tomboyish phase.. not really sure why i bought it when i did to be honest.. this is a tinted lip conditioner from MAC in Petting Pink. i recently used it for a dinner party i went to a few weeks ago and got so many compliments for it. guess lip tints are in now!

this is Born Lippy in Guava from The Body Shop.. i remember my first lippy from The Body Shop was Passionberry back in high school and i was mostly obsessed with the smell of the lip balm… i would literally just sit in class sniffing the thing! i think i like this only because of the smell.. it is moisturising.. but it doesn't last very long.. and so i find myself having to reapply quite often on top of the fact that the product is on the runnier side.. i end up having a greasy finger after i've applied the product to my lips… still love the smell though. hahaha

this is a new buy for me.. only a few days ago actually (note that it's still in its original packaging).. again from Priceline's 40% off all cosmetics sale (who doesn't love a good sale?! teeheehee*) after hearing so many good things from my lip stick loving friends… i thought i'd give it a go.. this is Australis Velourlips in Rio-D. it apparently goes on like lip gloss but dries matte. can't wait to try it out.

these fat coloured egg looking things are obscenely popular in The States. Evolution of Smooth, also known as EOS for short lip balms. absolutely gloriously moisturising with delicious fruity scents. here i have melon and strawberry sorbet. one given to me by my best friend and the other from a friend living in Georgia

another unopened… Urban Rituelle lip balm in Peach Blossom. (i really need to use up a lip balm before getting another one.. but how can you resist these fruity things?!) i've never actually heard of this brand until i was shopping with a friend in Sydney when we came across a small beauty shop in China Town and i saw the samples there and it smelled so delectable that i just had to have one.. but i think this was one of the most expensive lip balms i own.. next to my MAC lip conditioner.. my friend saw me sniffing tiny coloured pots so she deeded to join in.. after picking out which we liked more she bought herself and myself one. (not sure if i'll ever open it to be honest.. hahaha.. least not for a while.. so i really hope they have a really long shelf life)

hope you ladies enjoyed this post.. if there are any of your must have lippies you'd recommend.. i'd LOVE to hear your list!

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