Sunday, 15 July 2012

location location location

so.. budgeted wedding.. where to hold the ceremony..

understood that it's budgeted i still don't want it to be trashy either.. so what better picturesque place than the beach!

it's Perth! and Perth is known for their beautiful beaches!

"yeah.. about that.. you want the wedding in the middle of summer.. they will be packed." (thanks babe, love the encouragement)

we drove to all the neighbouring beaches closest to the CBD, felt like forever and they all seemed like such nice beaches, but they were all in public areas, so more than likely it'd be packed come weekends...

dun dun dun*

about a half hours drive from the CBD, Burns Beach!

not a treck from the city, so it'll be easy to pick up the flowers or come from hairdressers etc. and.. most importantly, it's near a residential area.. so hopefully it won't be too packed.

now.. reception...