Saturday, 21 July 2012

my potato sack

so.. seeing as we're going to have another wedding in a couple of years in sydney, i figured it wasn't necessary to have an insanely expensive dress this go round. (to be honest, i started to get really carried away with all this wedding planning, i started to want to have everything) so.. back to the drawing boards i went.. and resorted to online shopping.

i was sitting at my computer for days, scouting out wedding dresses on various websites. (when i probably should have been studying, but honestly.. who can really concentrate on anything else other than wedding shenanigans especially when it's only a couple months away and there's still so much to plan and do)

i narrowed it down to two websites that i found decent.

massive selection, and plenty of colors to choose from. i had a general idea of what i wanted from the random dress fittings at HOBNOB. but.. when you only have the pictures to go from, it is a pretty big risk. i finally settled on a dress which cost a fraction of the price of the original dress i wanted. now all i have to do is wait for its arrival and try the bad boy on.