Sunday, 8 July 2012

thousand dollar potato sack =="

girl date with emma today. went to get our nails done and went looking for her solitaire for fun. on the way home.. we drove past a huge grey building called HOBNOB that had a banner saying 50-70% off dresses! she pulled a sharp u-turn to find parking and i thought i was going to die. i asked her what was going on and she simply said, "we're going to look for your wedding dress!"

never felt so girly in my life trying on those exquisite white dresses. it was like prom all over again except.. on a much more expensive scale and your only options in dress colors was white, diamond white, ivory, or champagne.

after i had tried on the first dress. i was absolutely smitten. i got all red and started to hyperventilate seeing myself in the mirror. the lady asked me if i needed a tissue, and told emma i was having my "bridal moment."

i said to the lady, "i've only started getting used to calling him my boyfriend."
she questioned, "don't you mean fiancé?"
i smiled and answered, "exactly!"

of course after trying on 4 dresses.. i ended up liking the most expensive one. why is it that we always like the most expensive one?!

but. it was way beyond the budget.. and i hadn't anticipated it being so expensive, but the lady took my measurements and told me to look around, incase i couldn't find anything else that she'd have the details ready for me. she told me there are many ways to cut the pricing of the wedding like DIY anything i can, and get as much help as i can. but.. for the most part everything will be overpriced simply because it's for a wedding.

this is going to be a long 8 months..

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