Thursday, 26 July 2012

picking the date part II

turns out.. february 10th was a big deal afterall..

so after calling about 4 florists and visiting 3.. flowers were either going to be unavailable or florists refused to do any bouquets because it's far too close to valentines day.. oh and.. restaurants will probably be booked out too.

i even had some lady tell me, "you might as well change the date cause it'll be impossible to cater to a wedding the weekend before valentines day."

thanks lady.. thanks for the pep talk. (gawd i wanted to punch her in the tit) seemed like everything was going wrong... my dress was late.. no florist would do my bouquet.. no restaurant would cater to us.. yet somehow i believe if i had slapped a couple grand on the table suddenly.. everyone and their moms came up with miracles.. ugh.

had a mental break down with the other half. the stress was getting to me and i was crying at everything. (a dog could walk past and i'd literally bust into tears.) i was trying to plan the whole wedding by myself and with the distance and time difference with him being at work.. it mad life just that much more difficult.. what else could possibly go wrong.

thank goodness. he's the patient and calm one, between of the both of us.. he told me everything was going to be ok.. and if we needed to move the date back that we could.. (of course to his dismay.. i started crying even more thinking that he was starting to get cold feet..) "i don't care what happens or when it happens, i just know i want to be with you and nothing is going to stop that, not even valentines day." (awww)

back to the drawing board.. and after many dates... we finally came up with March 10 2013 ♥

no public holiday. no made up holiday. no birthday. no worries.

new countdown 228 days ♥