Saturday, 2 February 2013

you were the sun and moon to me ♥

my nails for the Above & Beyond concert. Femme Fatale Cosmetics Suspended Starlight.

i think it's quite fitting if i do say so myself. seeing as Sun and Moon was my favorite song.

this was 3 dabbed coats with no undies.. but this was also the first time trying the glue base for the sake of making the removing process much easier. for my last mani i had used the foil method and it did murder to my cuticles... i was absolutely freaking out because they were so dry and so rough afterwards.. for the next 24 hours i was drowning them in the Burt's Bees miracle salve. thank goodness they're back to how they were before.. but i'm going to avoid having to use the foil method from now on if i can help it.

but to my dismay.. 2 hours before the concert...

well.. least now i know the glue base works really well when it comes to removing glitter polish easily.. but with that being said.. the manicure obviously doesn't last that long.. so.. round two...

this time using Butter London - The Black Knight for le undies and 2 coats of FemmeFatale - Suspended Starlight :)

Above & Beyond at Metro City Perth 2013

Above & Beyond Sun and Moon Perth 2013

After 6 hours of second hand Vicks sniffing. 8 bruises. Face scratched. Toes bruised. Aching legs. And being crushed by meat heads..It was a night of epic proportions. words cannot express how great they were live. they kept the crowd riled and were just phenomenon. Although... I've never seen so many straight guys touch and hug each other so much in a span of a couple of hours... it was weird.

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