Monday, 2 December 2013


we spent this weekend at Stereosonic in Claremont Showgrounds!!!

it was so great.. i can't believe i told the penis that we didn't have to go next year if it was too expensive! (this year it was $220 because it was for two days)

needless to say.. Above & Beyond was the absolute best set.

what else can i say? it's the same all around.. girls in tight short shorts with half their butt cheeks hanging out and obscenely fake orange tans.. boys oiled up and shirtless to show off their tribal tattoos that have no meaning.. overly priced watered down alcohol and beating music!

close up of my mani..

--not really sure why i didn't wear my Sun and Moon.. but i wore new Smudged Polish, Emily De Molly Amazonia and Inevitable, Essie Set In Stone

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