Sunday, 22 December 2013

here kitty kitty...

today we went to visit a kitten i found on a cat adoption website and i wanted to DIE.

we originally came for Romeo.. and i ended up falling in love with his brother Blue.. but he was already promised to another family.. and now.. INDIE.. is in the application process!

i fell in love with grey cats after seeing a few friends of mine own Grey British Short hairs.. but.. i didn't want to buy a cat from a pet store when so many needed homes.. i thought it would have been impossible to find.. yet low and behold… this fuzz ball showed up!

to be fair.. it was her brother Blue that i fell in love with first.. soon as i walked into the room where they were being kept.. he came up and snuggled with me and kept wanting to play with me.. Indie actually approached the penis first when we came to visit. either way.. it ended up Romeo didn't warm up to us at all.. and Blue was already promised to another family.. so now we're in the process of taking Indie home.. (i say in the process because his mother doesn't want a pet.. and the house isn't ready for us to move into yet.. so we can't keep her till we've finished the house.. or at least.. get to to a liveable condition)

she has an adorable shy charm to her which makes her so easily loveable.. and look at her white feet! adorable. absolutely head exploding adorable.

now it's just a matter of getting my junk ass house ready.. *sighs*

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