Thursday, 12 December 2013

finally caught the fire!!!

i finally got to watch Catching Fire today with the penis.. and it was awesome!

for anyone whose never been to or doesn't know what Gold Class is… it's basically a cinema of about 20 seats or so.. and all the seats are like lazy boy seats.. and you get to order food and drinks at the bar and have it delivered to you during the movie.. absolutely epic. no screaming children.. no obnoxious loud mouth talkers.. just a pillow seat and munchies while you eye candy is being projected onto the big screen!

followed by more house renovations… i feel like we've been painting for weeks yet no progress is made.. on top of the fact that the pool pump has broken down AGAIN.. and this whole week has been in the 40s.. HOW DO YOU EXPECT ME TO WORK IN THESE CONDITIONS?!

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