Thursday, 8 November 2012

when in perth...

so... seeing as i live in asia town back in sydney... which means asian foods are plenty.. especially vietnamese and chinese foods... what do i eat when i come to perth?!

... more asian foods =="

crispy chicken with fried rice and chill garlic fish sauce lunch with his parents while he's at work :P

nails for the day.. free hand pink french tips with glitter :)

--still waiting for the boy to come home from work.. probably lure him into going late night shopping tonight.


  1. Your nails are gorgeous, so pretty!


  2. I know this sounds weird... But have you ever tried salted fish and chicken fried rice? Ooh ooh, can you help vote for me dee? :D's_day_out_?p=1

    1. whatttt...?!

      that sounds like a malaysian dish actually..

      and done! :D

      how've you been?!

      i made the vietnamese rice paper roll for dinner the other day... and it was freaking HILARIOUS trying to teach them how to wrap it.. hahahhaha
      their rolls looked like massive deranged burritos xD

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