Tuesday, 20 November 2012

back and sunburnt =="

finally back to civilisation and cellphone service area now! spent the weekend with the other half in Hamelin Bay.

Left saturday morning after breakfast... drove for about 3 hours through Margaret River and stopped by 3 Oceans Wine Company for lunch

The Howling Wolves for some wine tasting and of course wine :)

--their moscato is absolutely delicious btw.

we finally got to our beach apartment in Hamelin Bay

the water was absolutely freezing but so clear and blue. i'm used to the brown muddy waters of Ocean City in Virginia and the overcrowded Bondi Beach in Sydney... so being here was a serene opportunity.. let alone to share it with the other half.

breakfast of champions! hahahhaa some buttermilk pancakes and bacon for breakfast before heading to Prevally Beach for canoeing.

Buch tucker canoe tour on Margaret River! :D

bush tucker lunch!

delicious spread of smoked emu, kangaroo, crocodile, turkey, tomato relish, cheddar cheese, basil pesto, bush peppers, mango chutney, tomato bread, berries, and crackers

it was surprisingly really good. they each had their own distinct texture and taste.. but it was just like any other sandwich meats.. although.. table manners were a little off.. hahaha had to sit on our life jackets with our dirty feets

the paddle home was a mission. getting to the picnic area was a sinch because we were following the stream down.. but going back up to the car we were padding against the stream.. we were paired with the tour guide lady.. who was such a machine.. we had gone about half way back to our start point when she had realised that there were 2 canoes who fell behind. so we had to make a U-turn to go and find them. in one canoe... there was a couple and their friend who couldn't paddle to save their lives... i understand it being difficult to steer the canoe when you're going against the stream... but i reckon they were just too lazy to try.. (you know girls who refuse to get their hands dirty or break a nail... yeah...) so i don't know what they were expecting when they signed up for the canoe tour... it wasn't like the canoes were going be motor equipped... and there was a couple of Chile who... genuinely just couldn't keep up with going against the stream. so the tour guide lady swapped with one of the girls to our canoe and the Chile couple followed her back to the car. we were stuck with miss princess and the picnic baskets and peoples belongings struggling to get back. it took us forever to get back and half way through i was so over it. my arms were so incredibly sore and my skin started to burn... and mind you.. being incompetent herself... tried to tell me what to do and how to paddle (==") i mean.. she was friendly and kept running her mouth about where she was from... but.. i just really wanted to get back to the car and out of the sun... finally we made it back... and as a treat he and i went to get some ice cream... canoe aftermath...

notice how red my arms are?! (i thought i was going to kill her) and the other half copped it the worst because his skin was much lighter than mine.. seeing as he's in the office all day.. and my punk ass is always walking to and from school during the day... (that and i've been burnt to a crisp before... clearly i haven't learnt my lesson)

we stopped by priceline to grab some aloe vera and anti inflammatory spray.. then proceeded to doust our arms and legs in it for the rest of the night... (even now)

last dinner in Hamelin Bay... i made beef stroganoff and rice

all in all it was a really great weekend... although i can't get past this sun burn right now.. i know once i get past the burn stage... then the itching stage.. followed by the peeling stage... i'll be able to look back and remember... TO NEVER GO OUT IN THE SUN WITHOUT SUNBLOCK! no matter how short or long of a period you think you're going to be in the sun for! and even if it doesn't feel hot outside! i mean.. what a beautiful stay it was and how great it was to spend some quality alone time with the other half just being around each other and spending time together :)

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