Monday, 12 November 2012

bored shitless... and still have yet to accomplish anything

another day at home.. still unemployed. (the idea of finding work as soon as i got to Perth is seeming more and more ridiculous now... no idea how we're going to pay for this wedding now...)

been doing mindless things at home.. spending time with the fiancé and spamming my resume online to retail and admin jobs.

sadly enough.. the whole idea was for us to plan the wedding and what not when i got here.. but low and behold... we have accomplished nothing. not to mention his parents still don't know about everything.. so still.. i have to hide the ring.. and only wear it when he and i go out.. which is pretty sad.

but on a lighter note.. i had dinner with Emma on saturday...

steak and lamb chop BBQ :)

 and finally tried on my potato sack.. and i am super excited to say.. that the sucker actually turned out really nice. i was so paranoid that it'd be tragic looking because when i went to the bridal store with the fiancĂ© and the lady showed me what taffeta looked like.. and i thought it was going to cry.. it made me think of trackies... thank goodness it wasn't the issue for my potato sack!

it obviously needs to be dry cleaned.. and word on the street is that it can cost up to $500 for wedding dresses! (what the shit) seriously.. this whole mark up bullshit just because it's a wedding is getting really annoying and incredibly discriminative. to think that for this bag to be steamed.. it's going to cost more than the bag itself. ridiculous.
well... i'm obviously going to shop around and maybe even buy my own steam iron.. considering they sell for about $60 on sale at Target.. (they're crazy if they think i'm going to spend half a grand to have someone wave steam over it.)

one thing i did.. gain or.. lose depending on how you want to look at it... with all this time i have on my hands is.. i finally ventured into marbling!
i've seen hundred of tutorials and nail marbling designs.. all so pretty and intricate. and i've been wanting to try for a while now.. was just never bothered. and let me tell you.. it looks much easier in the video than what it really is trying it...

round one...


round two...

seriously... it was such a mission to do.. i don't know how people do the flowers and all the other crazy shit...

ending product...

it doesn't look too bad... but.. compared to other designs i've seen.. it just looks a mess... :(

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