Sunday, 25 November 2012

le wedding

Aaron and Trish's Wedding

my nails for the wedding...

Ibis Hotel Perth

Roast Pork and Celery Puree

Sweet Chili Asian Prawn Salad

Roast Lamb and Vegetables with Black Olive Risotto

Manhattan Mud Cake with Chocolate Sauce

Passionfruit Cheesecake

--the only reason why the food pictures exist is because the boy took them for me.. i was almost gone by the time the mains were served :P

at the beginning of the reception we had pre drinks and i got a little overly excited at the open bar.. the table that we were sitting at were absolutely hilarious. of course i didn't know anyone and the ones the boy knew were old primary school friends. we were definitely the loudest, most rowdy table of the entire wedding. and i'm pretty sure we drank the most too. initially whenever anyone wanted to get a drink... they'd just walk to the bar and the bar tender would give them the drink of their choice.. i think eventually she just gave up and gave the boy a bottle of champagne to take back to our table..
he being the typical guy.. wanted to pop the cork.. and me being about... 4 champagne glasses in.. for some reason thought it was such an ingenious idea to shake the bottle.. yeah.. it didn't go very well.. i ended up getting champagne all over my dress.. but everyone else found it very amusing.

once again.. i was the tallest asian in the building.. although my 6inch heels didn't help my cause.. i could have easily passed as a decorated support beam :P

all in all it was a really fun night. it ended pretty early so we wanted to go dancing afterwards but ended up going home and passing out by midnight. seeing as we have Stereosonic to go to the next day...

we play it off like we're such party animals.. when really we're like an old retired couple going to bed around 11 hahahaha.


  1. You look gorgeous!!♥
    Love the way you did your makeup!