Monday, 11 February 2013

long anniversary weekend ♥

whooo* so in light of my one year anniversary of coming to Perth.. the boy took a couple days off of work to hang out with me.

it started on Friday:
we went to the city to get our hair done and to buy some groceries for our hot pot night to celebrate Chinese New Year come sunday night..

something that i thought would only take an hour at max 2 plus grocery shopping ended up taking almost 3 hours in just the hair salon alone. he had his asian mop cut off. and i dubbed to get my hair dyed.. i've always had an obsession for red heads. i just think they're one of the most beautiful mystical creatures of the world. i know lots of people have their racist nicknames but hey... i'd love me a ranga any day and she can do whatever she pleases with me (especially the punk rock ones with tattoos *swoons*) anyways.. with all the time spent there i had anticipated on walking out of there looking like a ginger.. but.. it turns out that because i had black hair dye on my tips previously.. they couldn't make it as red as i had hoped without bleaching my hair.. so now i have like a reverse ombre red/burgundy/violet thing going on on my hair.. but i think i like it.. the red head jokes are already coming from the boy hahaha. so finally we were done and we went on the mission trip to find an asian grocery that had the ingredients i wanted for our hot pot night. on the way we stopped by a vietnamese restaurant for a super late lunch. i had the beef noodle soup.. which was absolutely disgusting. never in my life had i tasted such terrible noodles let alone soup.. and i thought asian food in Marylands was bad.. after about 5 hours spent in the city we make it home.. and i start making dinner...


i swear.. if there are any readers from the States reading this.. it tasted just like Chipotle! everything was homemade.. down to the guacamole.. corn salsa.. tomato salsa and rice... with the exception of the tortillas.. i'm not hardcore enough for tortillas yet hahaha..

it was so yummy and i was so proud of myself i kept running my mouth throughout the night of how proud i was of myself for making everything.

when i was leaving the hairdressers the lady told me that i had to use hair treatment on my hair before i showered because of all the hair dye my hair endured.. and no joke it felt like straw. i was so paranoid about getting split ends or breaking of my hair.. so i read online somewhere that banana, avocado and olive oil was really great for your hair.. well for one it's organic and two incredibly inexpensive. so i thought i'd give it a go.. i mashed up one banana and one avocado and mixed it with 2 tablespoons of extra virgin olive oil.. then pretty much just dabbed it onto my head and tried to work it into my hair. i left it on for about 30 minutes and proceeded to take a shower.. and let me tell you.. it was an absolute nightmare trying to wash the banana out of my hair. it took me about an hour just trying to gently run my fingers through my hair and try to wash out the pieces of banana.. an hour later and with pruney fingers... i still managed to find banana in my hair.. and the boy spent the rest of the night literally just picking out the tiny veins of banana out of my hair.. mind you this was incredibly embarrassing when we were having dinner later on in the night.. but he didn't seem to mind it so i kept my mouth shut.. that and they were pieces that i couldn't see to take out myself.. so i let him go to town with it. hahaha
at around 5pm we left for the hotel room he had booked months earlier.. (he had found a great deal through scoopon) Rendezvous Observation City Hotel.. right off of Scarborough Beach..

(this picture was taken with my phone from our room)

although some parts of the hotel was under reconstruction (trust us to come when they're half closed) everything else was beautiful.. the room was so fancy and the bathroom even had a jacuzzi!!!
but.. the whole point of this "excursion" was to spend time together and all that other mooshy bullshit so we went for a walk to look for some place to eat and it wasn't too long that we ended up in Zanders At Scarborough Beach. (as a matter of fact it was just across the road from our hotel)

braised pork belly for him

and marinara linguine for me :)

after dinner we decided to join the crowds at the beach to see what all the commotion was about and there were three girls who were performing ariel acrobatics and were pretty much hanging off of a swing and just doing all sorts of crazy stuff and the whole time.. all i could think was of what incredible acrobatic sex they could potentially have being so flexible and strong.. they were all incredible but by the time we got there it was on their ending acts so it wasn't long lived.. we watched the sun go down and then headed back to the room for some jacuzzi and free sparkling wine ^_^

pretty chill. we checked out around 10 and headed to his friends house to celebrate his friends birthday.. whom is also getting married in Singapore in October. to be honest.. the "party" if you would even call it that was so dry.. i mean considering it was 5 guys and myself.. we had pizza and the boy and i brought an ice cream cake.. we sat around talking bullshit and making fun of the soon to be groom and watched the Hangover. (how fitting) late afternoon we went home to prep for our hot pot night and watched MasterChef The Professionals with his brother.

whole day of nothingness... hahahaha literally.. it was about 42 degrees out so we literally just sat around the entire day watching tv and wasting away... i made tom yum soup with all the left overs from our hot pot night and chewy chocolate chip cookies

Happy Chinese New Year everyone! May the year of the Snake bring you lots of fortune and good luck!


  1. Sounds like a perfect weekend ^_^
    And i learned never to put any bananas in my hair *haha

    1. oh my gosh yes Ceitie! never again.

      if you ever want to do DIY hair masks.. 100% almond oil and or extra virgin olive oil for as long as you can keep it in your hair works wonders!

      hope you had a great weekend!