Wednesday, 13 February 2013

vintage roses

finally put my nailart brushes to use and tried me some vintage rose nail art :D

for this manicure i used Sweetpea from Australis for the base
OPI Barefootinbarcelona. Portmans Cherry. BYS RollerCoaster. and ChinaGlaze Golden Enchantment for the roses

(in the order of what i used for this manicure)

please excuse the nubby thumb. for whatever reason it's almost impossible for my thumb nail to grow past my fingertips. it always tears on the side and close to the nailbed so it's so hard to salvage...

some foodporn of last nights dinner..

my homemade beef burger with bacon. avocado. beetroot. mixed salad greens. ketchup and hot sauce.. oh with a side of apple and blackcurrent rekorderlig :)


  1. This design is beautiful! I've seen so many tutorials on it but never learned to master it myself haha!

    1. awww. it's truly not that bad. it might seem daunting in the beginning but i promise it's very easy! it's getting started that might deter you.

      i hope to see your design soon!


  2. Oh my! they are so pretty! I can't even do the easiest polka dots haha
    Envy you so much :p