Sunday, 24 February 2013


silver and blue gradient nails

for this manicure i used SinfulColors Out Of This World and BYS Alaskan Blue... and because glitter makes everything...

i used a coat of FemmeFatale Suspended Starlight and Australis Specktacular. a little bit of fishing with suspended starlight for the stars and moon but for the most part i had to brush off the excess glitter with the side of the bottle because it's such a glitter bomb and it would have over shadowed the gradient base.

my previous manicure lasted for longer than i had anticipated and i was surprised i didn't itch to change it after a day.. but it didn't survive kayaking and started to peel so i was sad to part with it.. i had a friend over for dinner friday night and made Alfredo fettucini with salmon :)

she saw my nails and said it was pretty boring for what she's used to seeing me have.. so i guess that's what inspired my NOTD for aussie nails monday :D

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