Thursday, 28 February 2013

quivering heart

i am absolutely smitten over this manicure. i used Femmefatale cosmetics quivering hearts over Portmans cherry. 2 easy coats for beautiful glitter coverage. although i wish i had fished for more of the black glitters. quivering heart is packed with shimmering red glitters both black and red hexagons and black hearts.. but it was difficult to fish for the hearts simply because there;s so much glitter the brush literally doesn't know what to do with itself.

i was a little nervous about packing on the glitter because i've found that no matter what i try.. glitter jams never seem to completely dry for me. they'd be dry to the touch.. but still smudge or dent even after a couple hours of application. i tried running my fingers through cold water.. to sitting in front of the fan for hours waving my fingers at the poor thing.. but to no avail.. turns out.. you have to use quick dry top coat.. and not just any one at that.. apparently Seche Vite and or Sally Hansen quick dry is the way to go.. but at 16 bucks a pop... that's pretty steep. fortunately this ad boy was able to dry without the quick dry top coat so i was greedy and finished it off with the holographic top coat instead and so far so good. there are some areas of the nail that's still a little.. "soft" to the touch.. but for the most past they're good to go. so i'm very excited about it. unfortunately it's going to be discontinued come March 31st.. so if you don't have it yet... go and get it. right now!

FemmeFatale Cosmetics - Australia Only

Harlow&Co - International


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