Thursday, 10 October 2013

it's 38 degrees out and you're outside...

spent the afternoon with Jenn today after uni for shenanigans and nails...

i met her at Ashfield station and grabbed some nibblies before heading to her apartment.. throughout the walk.. which was only about 15 minutes accumulative walk  i was whining and complaining about the sun and heat melting my face and korean skin off.. no joke it was 38 degrees today.. i don't know why we thought it was a good idea to be outside..

just like all of my close friends.. whenever we meet up.. we'd eat.. or nails and eat. hahaha i guess they're part of the credentials of being my friend..

this blur is Scribbles.. hahaha one of the few pictures i was able to capture of her.. she's so friendly and i was so glad to have finally met her! i didn't get to go anywhere near Fuzzy.. the fat turd bag was in hiding because it was so hot today.. =="

Scribbles mostly spent the day rummaging around the house while i did Jenn's hair and nails..

this beauty is Emily de Molly Living After Midnight with Femme Fatale Cosmetics Midsummer Petals for the accent in direct sunlight

same mani topped off with Miss Ashleigh Matte Hatter

i introduced her to deep fried oreos too and her mind was blown.. we managed to get through 2 packets and i even got her listening to kpop!!! it was glorious.

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