Wednesday, 30 October 2013

i'm finally back from asia.. and i think i have SARS

hi everyone!

i'm back from my trip.. well.. i've been back for over a week now.. but i caught the flu on my last day in Singapore and have been sick ever since… so i haven't been able to blog.
i still have congestion and a chesty cough but i have to drag myself out of bed for uni.. exams are next week and i want to die T.T

my dad seeing me so sick made a joke about me catching SARS while in Singapore.. and told me to stay away and asked me why i brought SARS home to him.. =="

despite returning home sick.. the trip was a great success!

it was a lot of fun and i got to see and try many things that i wouldn't usually be able to.. but it was bloody hot.. not dry hot like it is in Australia.. but that humid sticky suffocating hot.. you could feel it hit you as soon as you get off the plane!

my nails for the trip..

OPI - You Callin' Me A Lyre and Femme Fatale Cosmetics - Dreamers Potion

i arrived in Changi airport Singapore 7pm October 15.. and met up with the other half and his cousin Shaun because the penis had arrived 5 hours before i did from Perth…
i was already dead by then.. i didn't sleep on the airplane at all and i had been up since 530am because i had class that morning. (on top of the fact that we got into an argument the night before.. go figure right?! ==")
we headed straight for Johor Baru and because i hadn't eaten yet.. they decided to go to a korean restaurant on the way home!

Jap Chae! Korean potato noodles!

to be honest.. i don't even remember the name of the restaurant.. i was so fried.. i just wanted to lay down.. i was on an 8 hour flight.. just sitting on my ass the hole time.
i was both.. happy and angry to see the penis.. because i missed him.. but was still annoyed at our fight the night before and before he left for Singapore!

Thursday 16 October

Shaun and his sister Linda take us out for breakfast and some shopping before heading back into Singapore..

my favourite.. Hor Fun! which is fried rice noodle in a thick egg sauce with veggies and meat!

i was also introduced to this deliciousness…

Kaya Toast.. it may not look like much.. but believe me.. it was delicious! it's just toasted bread with butter and kaya.. which is a pandan sugar… delicious. absolutely delicious. so incredibly bad for you.. but so damn good. i could live off of this stuff fr the rest of my days.. (maybe not.. because i love bibimbap so much too)

all washed down with a popular malaysian drink..

Kopi Te.. which essentially is just white coffee mixed with tea. but doesn't have that bitter taste of coffee and not as heavy as a latte.

after breakfast we headed to the mall before making our way into Singapore..

i went a little crazy in the Skin Food shop over korean products… but get this.. everything in that picture was a total of about $100 AUD! can you believe?! Levi Jean and shirt.. and all those skin products! i love this place!

--i'll leave it here for now because i still have uni things i have to do.. but will have more posts of the trip soon!

i hope everyone is happy and healthy!

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