Sunday, 3 November 2013

Singapore day four

Sunday 20th October 2013

today we started the drive down to Kuala Lumpur with Shaun and Linda!

we made a pit stop in Johor Baru for breakfast..

fried Kuay Tiew

Hokkien Mee

next stop on the way to Kuala Lumpur.. Melecca

when in Melecca… must Laksa.. all the Laksa…

and iced Chendol too while you're at it!

absolutely delicious. and all for 25MYR which is about $8AUD!

after eating we roamed around the markets to see if there was anything worth buying..

… only in asia do you see Dim Sum being sold on the side of the streets like this..

there were so many abandoned cats here.. it made me so sad.. knowing they live on the streets with no homes to go to.. (i can't wait to have my own kitty.. only a matter of days now.. --assuming the penis and i don't kill one another before i move over)

for dinner we tried the famous Chicken and rice balls!

it wasn't bad.. but it wasn't epic either.. but for 15MYR who could complain?

after dinner it was back into the car for the last stretch to Kuala Lumpur!

reminds me very much of the Two Twin Towers in New York..

we stayed with the penis' cousin for the night.. absolutely fried from walking in the heat and all that drivinggg… shopping tomorrow!

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